Jobs not endangered by technology according to Elon Musk

When the tycoon Elon musk opinion about almost anything is usually something that does not go unnoticed and has a great echo whatever the subject, and as for the future of the job their predictions don’t make much difference either. And is that the owner of Business What Tesla Inc. or Spacex -Among many others- is an authority on the Artificial intelligence (AI), which is known to be a fundamental part of its developments in autonomous driving of the car company that directs and intends to delegate entirely the mechanisms of autopilot in the future.

But in the future he also has a not entirely optimistic perspective of the changes that these technologies bring with them, especially in the workplace since he is aware that the same artificial intelligence will put millions of people in danger. jobs in the world.

The South African-born inventor acknowledges that advances that will make many aspects of everyday life more bearable will also make many jobs currently held meaningless, but he did not simply lament the inevitability that the future of technology holds for him. workers of the world, but took the opportunity to highlight areas of opportunity where the human factor will continue to be a priority in future employment.

Some specialties will not only not be harmed by technological development in the short term, but will also grow in relevance in the future. working market.

This is the case of engineers and computer science take care of program the software of artificial intelligence, areas in which Musk invites youth to bet for his education and become the same engine that drives these changes.

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However, the spirit was short-lived because he said that eventually those jobs will also disappear as Artificial Intelligence becomes so sophisticated that it is in charge of writing its own software.

This opinion of one of the great champions of AI finds its place in times when the debate on the implications of technological advancement will have in the world of work, where the World Economic Forum it already foresees the disappearance of 75 million jobs.

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On the other hand, the areas where the human talent will be irreplaceable and will continue without major modifications, although the rest of the work evolves vertiginously.

Musk affirms that people enjoy interaction with other people, so he considers it a wise decision to bet on specialties where people or engineering are in the central part, pointing to art as another area where AI has little place.

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