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Without a doubt, Major League Soccer seems to be a good destination for Colombian players. There where Juan Camilo Hernández, with his millionaire arrival, gives people something to talk about week after week with his goals, a place where a leader like Diego Chará has also played for a long time accompanied by his brother, Yimmi Chará, with Santiago Moreno and Dairon Asprilla, new coffee growers have joined in recent months and years.

The MLS is also a destination where young players from Colombia have made the leap, and among them, there is a local team that has exported soccer players. Envigado FC, a team from Antioquia whose objective and business plan are to work hand in hand with its academy and sell them to foreign soccer. They did so with Carlos Terán and Jhon Jáder Durán, who joined the Chicago Fire.

Jhon Jáder Durán, of great performances with Envigado, made the leap very young at just 18 years old to the Chicago Fire. His behavior is sometimes rooted in his age, due to issues that can be avoided with the use of social networks, and now a new chapter of controversy has been forged in a Colombian player. Durán has scored three goals in 19 games played since he arrived in Chicago in 2022.

The Colombian received a harsh warning from his coach at a press conference in which they were obviously going to ask him about what happened on Jhon Jáder Durán’s social networks on Instagram. The application now allows stories to be uploaded as a mechanism, questions and answers, and they asked him if he wanted to leave the club if he had the opportunity. Durán answered, ‘yes, I would’, in the same way, they asked him about the MLS and instead of giving a clear answer he put ellipses that did not go down well in the US league.

Although it did not seem like something of much importance, for the fans and those around the MLS it did hit hard. The images went viral, and it was the subject of analysis for the local media, which could not avoid questioning the technical director of Chicago Fire, Ezra Hendrickson. The strategist sent him a clear and concise message. His response was short, but without a doubt it was a warning to Jhon Jáder Durán, ‘you have to be more careful… things can be taken out of context’.

Not only did Ezra Hendrickson have the floor, but the club’s general manager, Georg Heitz also referred to the viralized images on social networks. However, he played down a bit of importance due to the young age of Jhon Jáder Durán, who at 18 must grow up and know what to say when necessary. Heitz commented, ‘We’re not amused at all. He is almost a child, he can make mistakes.’

The club simply left a warning to Jhon Jáder Durán, but this could have consequences for the Colombian striker who has been a recurring starter in Major League Soccer. The decision will be made by the strategist Ezra Hendrickson who will have to think about whether he will want to continue counting on Durán as a starter after these comments on his personal Instagram account.

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