Jessica Alba revealed that she had a difficult childhood

Jessica Alba clarified in an interview with Glamor UK that she was in “survival mode” when she was a child. The American actress stressed that she had to constantly move because of her father’s job as a soldier in the US Air Force and that she and her family were far from privileged.

«I grew up in survival mode; my parents had no safety net, they lived paycheck to paycheck. So the future was never a sure thing for me,” she noted.

Likewise, the interpreter added that she was born in the midst of a struggle to earn a day-to-day life and that this motivated her to aspire to a better lifestyle.

“I realized that I had to do whatever it took to stay afloat… So I said to myself ‘I want a better life than that, I don’t want to be like this all the time.'” she stated.

she outdid herself

Jessica Alba is currently the owner of a company called The Honest Company dedicated to the sale of skin care and baby products. During 2021 the company had a sales index of 319 million dollars and in February 2022 it was valued at 550 million dollars, according to internet reports.

In turn, the “Into the Blue” actress has a fortune valued at 390 million dollars for her work in Hollywood and as an entrepreneur, as detailed by the CA Knowledge site.

The “Honey” star also said that everyone around her underestimated her and took it for granted that she would not excel in any aspect.

On the other hand, she confessed that being an actress was always among her main aspirations. «I wanted to be an actress all my life… I think I always dreamed of living in someone else’s skin and in someone else’s reality. I consider myself to be an introvert by nature. So for me, it was a way of fitting into the world, playing characters,” she noted.

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