Jennifer López deletes her photos with Ben Affleck and rumors that challenge her marriage increase

Jennifer Lopez He changed his profile picture to a black image on all his social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. and besides delete all your photosalso swept those of her husband, the actor Ben Affleck.

On Facebook, he did not delete his posts, but he did change his profile photo to a matte black image that has his fans baffled.

Let’s remember that when an artist does this, it’s usually an announcement of their new music or some other type of project; However, many people have suspected that the singer has problems challenging your marriage with the Hollywood actor.

Jennifer López deletes her photos from the networks, including those of her husband

Jennifer López deletes her photos from the networks, including those of her husband


Although there are no further details about the reason for this decision, it is known that JLo opened her heart to reveal how his unexpected reunion with Ben Affleck was after 17 years of his first thunder.

Jennifer Lopez and her reunion with Ben Affleck after 17 years of their failed engagement

In an interview with Vogue magazine, Jennifer López revealed how her reunion with Ben Affleck after 17 years of its first thunder. Let’s remember that the couple had a two-year relationship and with an engagement ring in hand, the singer and the actor ended in 2004.

The Diva from the Bronx opened her heart with said medium and told some details of how the rapprochement between the two took place.

Although after their breakup in 2004 they both continued with their lives, they gained success in the workplace and also personally, since they both formed their own families.

The actress also married the singer Mark Anthony, with whom he had twins. While the actor had three children, product of his relationship with the actress jennifer garner. However, both ended their respective relationships.

Cupid shot them again, but with other celebrities: JLo with the former Yankee player, Alex Rodriguezand Ben Affleck with the Cuban-Spanish actress, Ana de Armas.

Subsequently, the interpreter of ‘On the floor’ ended her engagement with Alex Rodríguez and Affleck did the same with Ana de Armas, without knowing that they would live an emotional reunion.

This is how JLo and Ben Affleck met again

Ben Affleck decided to contact his ex-partner through an email. The conversation between the two flowed and they agreed to meet, but “we did not go out in public,” recalled Jennifer López.

Despite it all, “I never strayed from the fact that I always felt a true love there… When we reconnected, those feelings for me were still very real,” added the interpreter.

Finally, the couple reappeared together in the summer of 2021 and a year later they said “yes, I accept” in a surprise wedding In Las Vegas. Last August, JLo and Affleck held a second wedding in the mansion that the actor has in Riceboro, Georgia.

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