Jennifer Lawrence reveals that Adele advised her not to star in Passengers and thinks she should have listened

Jennifer Lawrence reveals that Adele advised her not to star in Passengers and thinks she should have listened

Jennifer Lawrence reveals that Adele advised her not to star in Passengers and thinks she should have listened

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most famous and sought-after actresses in Hollywood. As she was discovered at an early age, her career has been served by many proposals that have led her to work with big names in the industry. Although she a couple of years ago she decided to take a break, don’t look up It marked her big comeback and she is ready to enter a new stage in her career. With so many projects, it is obvious that some do not work as well as expected, but the actress assures that she is only sorry for starring. passengerstape that Adele herself told him not to accept.

Lawrence won over critics and producers with deep winter, but he won over the public with The Hunger Games, a franchise that captivated fans of the original novels and caught the attention of new viewers. While other production houses were looking for sagas with similar protagonists, the actress began to establish herself on her own with more defined, mature and complex roles. Her fame was such that there came a point where all her main roles were offered to her, even if some changes had to be made to do so. This made her life very public and much of the public expected to see new faces of her instead of hers, which led her to take a personal break.

Many of the films he has worked on have been criticized by specialists or viewers, and Not all of them were successful at the box office. The best example is Operation Red Sparrow, which while well received and hoped to pave the way for a sequel, was also highly criticized for being a misogynistic story that fell short of expectations. The same thing happened with passengers, which was once one of the flashiest scripts to tour Hollywood. The Jon Spaihts-penned film first moved on in 2007 and there was a time when Keanu Reeves and Rachel McAdams signed on to star, but things didn’t pan out at the time.

After many years in limbo, the story was rescued and Jennifer Lawrence, at the highest point of her career, was left with the main role and with several million in between. Chris Pratt, who was also at a great point in his career because of his work on Guardians of the Galaxy and jurassic world, got the other lead and everything seemed to be going well under the direction of Morten Tyldum. The story introduces us to Jim Preston, a man who travels with other people in a spaceship to find a new home. In theory, the passengers should be asleep during the trip, but his sleep capsule fails and he wakes up early. Realizing that he will die alone and long before reaching the new planet, he decides to awaken a woman named Aurora Lane.

Although the film was sold as a love story in the face of adversity, many immediately noticed how problematic everything was. Jim not only decides to screw up someone else’s life, he also lies to her to make her believe that her destiny is to be together and make her fall in love. Worst of all, the revelation in the third act does not change things and promotes that the relationship between the two must be maintained at all costs, completely changing the ending of the original script that at least left room for Jim’s redemption and repentance. passengers It was so criticized that a fake trailer went viral where it was sold as a thriller starring a stalker and his victim.

Jennifer Lawrence seems to share the idea that passengers It didn’t turn out very well, and it seems to be the only film he regrets. In interview with New York Timesthe Oscar winner revealed that she knew the film was a disappointment to her fans:

I was like, ‘Oh no, you guys are here because of me and I’m here because you are.’ Wait, who decided this was a good movie?

Adele told me not to do it! She told me, ‘I feel like space movies are the new vampire movies.’ I should have listened to her.

Lawrence also acknowledges that passengers It showed her that she wasn’t handling things right and she wasn’t so happy to please the public or have her actions criticized, from her job to the way she walked the red carpet, no matter what she did.

Jennifer Lawrence He definitely has a great talent, something that he has already amply demonstrated in titles like Mother!, but it is good that he took a break because it is true that producers exploit the image of the same actor for a long time, until they wear him down with the public that makes his annoyance an unnecessary message of hate. The actress still has her contacts and several directors who want to work with her, so it won’t take her any time to get back to the status she had a few years ago.

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