Jennifer Lawrence in maxi dress runs into someone wearing the same outfit

Yes have you ever run into someone wearing exactly the same outfit as you, you will know that the feeling can be either embarrassing or funny; or better, the two together. There is nothing like taking it in a good mood and the coincidence is a curious moment that defies the odds and for that reason, it is unique.

This is exactly what happened a few days ago to Jennifer Lawrence in New York since walking through the streets of the city, he crossed paths with another woman who was wearing the same maxi dress than her, cream-colored.

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This garment with straps and long almost to the ankles is from the La Garconne brand and costs 625 dollars, details the Daily Mail, which would be about 12 thousand Mexican pesos. The Oscar-winning actress combines with black flat sandals, hair gathered in high ponytail, golden necklace and dark sunglasses, as well as a rectangular bag and parasol, for the sun.

According to the images that circulate through networks, it can be seen that Jennifer Lawrence is walking accompanied by some friends when she notices a woman who is also wearing the same dress as her and his reaction is nothing but laughter, very good humor And that’s it, everyone went their own way.


On the other hand, the actress has been sporting an incredible summer style on recent dates. Recently we saw her wearing a casual chic style with flared denim pants and one Black crop top design. Showing off an incredible figure, by the way, months after giving birth, and that is that she and her partner received their first baby last February.

The 31-year-old combines with some flat sandals, very comfortable and fresh for the season; black bag, sunglasses, ponytail hairstyle, necklace, a drinking cylinder and an accessory that we have seen him use a lot these days to protect himself from the sun: a parasol.

This timeless classic is simply a essential accessory And it is that the parasol, precisely to protect yourself from the sun and provide shade, is a practical way to take care of ultraviolet rays and that sometimes we do not consider using, despite its usefulness.

That same day, by the way, Jennifer Lawrence met for dinner in a restaurant with her friend Emma Stone. “Hwa Yuan was delighted to have Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence for dinner,” the restaurant shared on social media. For dinner, Jennifer Lawrence added a striped button-up blouse on his shirt, while Emma Stone was dressed in all black.

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