Jennifer Aniston would be interested in conquering Harry Styles

A few months ago the end of the relationship between Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde, one of the most stable couples in the musical world. However, it seems that the singer already has several suitors, including the famous Jennifer Aniston, who “likes” Styles’ funds on her Instagram account.

Apparently this is not something of the moment, because since the man belonged to the famous group One Direction, the actress followed him and has a playlist dedicated only to the singer’s music, This was reported by a person close to Aniston to a United States media outlet.

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It is also said that the actress has tried to have a date with him, but so far this has not been possible due to the schedule that the two have. Harry was finishing a tour of different countries around the world, while she is focused on different personal projects.

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Although neither has confirmed that this story is true, so far both They are single and enjoying the brilliant time they are having in their careers.

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