Jennifer Aniston has a beauty secret that you can buy on Amazon

There are those who believe that Jennifer Aniston has the secret of eternal youth. LThe 53-year-old actress looks as gorgeous as she did when she started playing Rachel Green on the iconic series ‘Friends’ almost 30 years ago. Although the artist maintains a strict exercise routine and diet, she actually has a closely guarded secret that is cheaper and less demanding than you think. It is a product that the actress consumes daily for her breakfast and that is available on Amazon for less than 25 dollars.

Every morning Jennifer Aniston prepares a daily smoothie or shake, where she mixes a little vegetable milk, fruits to taste, some ice and a complex of proteins and collagen peptides from the Vital Proteins brand. It is actually a trick that the protagonist of ‘Criminals at sea’ had previously confessed. Collagen became essential for the actress who recommends consuming it in drinks, in addition to the creams she uses for her skin. She considers it a miraculous element in her routine and that is why she became the ambassador of Vital Proteins, the brand of collagen supplements, of which she has been a client and image since 2016.

Jennifer Aniston

Powdered collagen has become a mandatory ingredient on the shelves of pharmacies and stores, not only because it is easy to take dissolved in coffee or any drink, but also because it is the best formula when it comes to synthesizing it in the body.. Although there are some controversial opinions about it, most specialists consider that in liquid form, collagen acts more quickly, since being absorbed directly into the blood, it stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize new collagen in the skin.

As we age, the natural production of collagen in our body decreases and external factors contribute to a rapid breakdown of this protein. And the less collagen, we have more expression lines and drier skin. Collagen peptides come into play to increase its natural production in our body. “Collagen is like the glue that holds cells together. Helps maintain your well-being from within. I have always believed that we must take care of and nurture our well-being from within, which is why I started taking Vital Proteins years ago”, explains Jennifer Aniston on the Vital Proteins website.

Collagen is essential for holding together all the tissue structures that make up the body, including the skin, so it is important for flexibility and firmness.. It influences the appearance of the skin, hair and nails, and also the state of the joints. Collagen supplements have become the favorite protein of Hollywood stars to combat facial sagging and stay young. Jennifer Aniston knows this and not only consumes it daily but she is the Creative Director of Vital Proteins, the brand that is available on Amazon and that makes the actress look so radiant.

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