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The celebrities of ‘Friends’ have shown to have a great friendship.


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Almost 28 years after ‘Friends’ was released, the protagonists are still very close, and now on the 59th birthday of Lisa Kudrow, her former partners, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox They dedicated messages to her, with which they showed that they are great friends.

It was on July 30 that the actress had her birthday, and on social networks her friends showed her the great affection they feel for her. Jennifer posted a throwback photo from the time they attended the People’s Choice Awards in 2003, as well as GIFs of their ‘Friends’ characters jumping and clapping their hands with the message “I love you”. Not only was that, she also published a selfie in which she appears kissing the birthday girl’s cheek and added some emojis with which she celebrated her friend’s new return to the sun.

Courtney Fox He opened the trunk of memories and published a video in which he appeared laughing with Kudrow and accompanied it with a loving message. “Happy birthday, you make everything better, and more fun!”

The celebrities of this successful series continue to meet, despite their busy schedule, and do not hesitate to share with their fans the moments they have enjoyed together.

How did you meet?

From 1994 to 2004, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Fox were part of the NBC series ‘Friends’ for 10 long seasons. The long hours of recording led to the formation of a friendship that has been strengthened over the years.

The chemistry that they reflected on the screens, without a doubt, did not stop there and that is why they continue to frequent each other despite the fact that they no longer work together.

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