Jenni Rivera’s children are willing to share their mother’s fortune with Chiquis

Wow new lawsuit in which it is involved the family of the deceased Jenni Rivera (RIP), And it is that after last May his 40-year-old sister Rosie, who was left as executor of his inheritance and in charge of his companies, revealed that they would do an audit, same that later we tell you that it was at the request of his nephews; a few days ago his brother Juan Rivera, 43, said in a live broadcast that his nephew Johnny, 20, hinted in an Instagram story that heThe results of the audit had not gone well, pHearing what Juan exploited and defended Rosie, assuring that the children of La Diva de la Banda are destroying her image.

In this regard, we spoke with a family member very close to them, who told us more about this fight:

-The Rivera family continues to star in scandals, what is happening?
“Oh yeah! I love them very much, but the truth is that they are desperate, because the issue of money has always won them over ”.

-Because you said so?
“Because at the cost of whatever, they are capable of hitting the mark, of holding on to ma $% & # $% among themselves in order to appear in the media and along the way sing their latest songs, because that’s how they are: caught Because with Jenni they saw that success was always accompanied by scandal … let them get to work! “

-Tell us, why did this scandal start?
“It is an issue that has been making noise for several in the family for a long time; in fact, since Jenni was alive. She even told her children to take care of themselves, that behind her, next to her and even within the family, there were many people who saw her with a dollar sign, like a gold mine ”.

-Do you think it was like that?
“Unfortunately, yes, because it seems that when Jenni died, they lost the little gold and that is why now they do not come out of the scandal, they are drones. Sadly, Jenni knew that and now her children are agreeing with her. “

-What are you talking about?
“Since Jenni is gone, the ones who stayed in charge of her business were her brothers Rosie, her executor, and Juan, because he is her right hand; but sadly they did things wrong and now that Jenni’s children are grown up, they have realized it ”.

-So that’s why they asked for the audit?
“Of course. As far as I understand, the first one to jump was Jacqie, because as far as I know, she always agreed that her uncles Rosie and Juan would run her mother’s company, but when she began to notice that the accounts did not add up, she said: ‘No , these ca $% & # $% are getting richer with my mother’s fortune ‘”.

Audit Juan and Rosie

I speak with them?
“Of course. She, wherever you see her, brought out her mother’s character a lot (laughs), she told them: ‘Let’s see, guys, we’re going to sit down to check accounts and do numbers’ “.

-And what did your uncles tell you?
“I found out that Juan and Rosie were super-offended and it was noticed that they were ca $% & # $ scared.”

-Really? Why do you say it?
“Because they have tails to be stepped on. Juan was won by Jenni’s money and ambition; He was filling his bags and money accounts with exaggerated salary, with contracts, with royalties, with companies, and like Rosie, between the two of them they made a pact to take little by little, it was a theft operation ant so as not to be so greedy, but in all this time it turns out that apparently, the diversion and embezzlement are of many millions of dollars ”.

-What happened after?
“Jacqie spoke about the matter to her younger brother, Johnny, who was also outraged and did not turn them down as shoplifters; Then, between the two of them they began to move to ask for explanations of all the movements, payments, in short, of everything that has been done since their mother died ”.

Jacquie RIvera

-Well, it’s no wonder, they want to be held accountable …
“I know they did not skimp on expenses and hired a chi $% & # $ company in the United States to do a real audit, where all the money diversions and embezzlements are going to come out, because the accounts do not add up and they are willing to send those who have to go to jail ”.

-A few days ago, Juan exploded against his nephews in a live broadcast …
“Yes, it is that a problem arose. Juan has physically lost Jacqie and Johnny, arguing that he is up to the ma $% &, that he is very upset, that he does not want to see them even in painting because he is capable of giving them a few ma $% & # $% for raising false ; but it is a lie, he does not want to see them out of fear, because he is to blame ”.

-And Rosie, what does she say?
“Well, she left the presidency of the companies, and Jacqie immediately took her. Rather, Rosie has focused on cleaning her image within the family, since although her parents, Dona Rosa and Don Pedro, have tried to calm things down and mediate between their children and grandchildren, Rosie is trying to brainwash her Mom, she tells him that kids are pe $% & # $%, that now they want the money to squander it, when she always took care of her sister’s fortune, but now it seems that there is nothing true about that ”.

Message from Jacquie Rivera

“Now what are Rosie and Juan going to do?”
“Well, check their income, their bills, and even the luxurious conditions in which they live. Right now Juan is kicking like a drowning man, because to divert the attention of the family and the press, he is starting to talk about Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis’s ex, what? They are drowning kicks; he is reviving that toxic relationship that they had for fear of being talked about and being investigated, but as I told you, if Jacqie and Johnny go crazy with this audit, they will even go to jail for pickpockets ”.

-Now that you mention Chiquis, she has stayed out of the situation, do you know why?
Well, what is she going to say? did not include it in his will, believing that she was bringing her husband (Esteban Loaiza) down; So what I say is going to make her look bad. However, Jacqie and Johnny love her, and they told her that now that they are take charge of the inheritance and the companies, they will divide everything in equal parts, which is the fairest thing, and that way something could happen to her as well ”.

Finally, is it true that Lupillo took the party by his nephews to shoot Juan?

“They have had a lawsuit for a long time, and it is that Juan always told everyone that Lupillo did not sing, that he did not fill places, that the chi $% & # $ was Jenni, and that over time Lupillo forgave him, because it is nice guy; but now, after so many chi $% & # $% & #, because he has even made fun of him for his failed love relationships, he is obviously taking the opportunity to throw him away ”.

Well, what a family! …
“Yes, and do not doubt that later Juan will throw a bombshell or some scandal with such chi $% & # $% to Lupillo, because for money he is capable of selling his soul to the Devil, as long as he is not investigated and not talk about him, “he concluded.

Juan Rivera and Lupillo Rivera

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