Jenicka Rivera Boasts a Skirt Where the Leg Loses Its Name

Jenni Rivera’s daughter Jenicka López lost her shame and showed much more of her beauty in a Halloween costume that was undoubtedly everyone’s favorite

Chiquis Rivera’s sister completely overshadows her by wearing a skirt to where her leg loses its name, leaving everyone stunned with her level of daring since in various poses the beautiful model brought out her best angle.

Jenicka López intends with her style to encourage all those girls who, like her, do not have the perfect measurements to feel full and secure with their figure, accepting themselves as they are and highlighting their beauty to the maximum.

The youngest daughter of La Diva de la Banda is a curvy model who has caused a stir through social networks, not only because she belongs to one of the most famous dynasties in regional Mexican music, but also because of her personality at the time to dress, as it has become a fashion icon with a peculiar style.

After the successful singer Jenni Rivera left this world, her five children have searched for ways to excel and work hard to make their way. Jenicka is a clear example of an enterprising woman who seeks to shine with her own light in the world of entertainment.


This time the young woman broke all the rules of fashion in a look that caught the attention of locals and strangers and unleashed a heated wave of intense comments, among which the hearts stand out, as she wore a golden skirt that impresses everyone. any.

Jenicka López this time poses flirtatiously in a princess outfit and with her leg raised she causes everyone to admire her security and beauty. The famous woman snatched sighs by exposing herself in that short garment to where the leg loses its name.

With this look and those poses, she revealed her wholesale beauty and received all the love of Internet users who circulate through her official Instagram account, which is saturated with images and videos in which she dazzles with her charm.

The famous received a large number of messages, compliments, and compliments, there were many who noticed her irresistible figure how much she boasts, which puts her in the eye of the hurricane since she knows how to show off without a hint of sorrow.

Without fear of anything, the offspring of the band’s La Diva has found the perfect way to share unforgettable moments with all his fans, with which he manages to position himself in the spotlight thanks to his risky and daring style of dressing.   


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