Jeans with cowboy boots, this is how the Fall-Winter 2022 trend is worn

Wear jeans with cowboy boots will be a recurring act during the second half of the year, when we look to replace minidresses and midi skirts with long pants. During the change of season, this shoe will remain with us to highlight any look, since no matter what, every combination changes in its presence. It was once exclusive to rough work, but for some time now it has held a prominent place in the trends.

Its use in combinations of street style, began to become popular between the 1930s and 1940s, when cinema western It was enjoying a boom in Hollywood. Its appearance was gradually modified for aesthetic purposes to achieve more striking results in colors and textures. Since then, the jeans look with cowboy boots has been recurrent not only in the field, when riding a horse or in the movies, but also as a style statement.

We did a review of the street style and the collections Pre Fall Y Fall-Winter 2022 to wear this combination in fresh and exciting ways.

How to combine jeans with cowboy boots in Autumn-Winter 2022?

with patterned pants

Printed mom jeans by Etro, Pre-Fall 2022.


Ether play in Pre Fall 2022 with styles that fuse boho aesthetics with cowgirl. Over the cowboy jean It draws a colorful geometric pattern, which immediately refers us to the fashion of the seventies. The accessories are also in leather like the boots, but they have stone applications and golden details, which achieve an interesting fusion.

Matching statement coats

Celine Wedge Heel Western Boots.

Courtesy Celine.

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