Jason Momoa, Amy Adams and actors for Disney live-action characters

One of the most exciting elements of Disney remakes is seeing which actors are cast to play iconic animated characters. Here are some stars that could well be considered in future projects.

Whenever Walt Disney Pictures decides to make a live-action movie inspired by its animated classics, most moviegoers expect a faithful and accurate recreation. However, the casting department understands very well that it’s not about the physical resemblance, but more about the performance. Angelina Jolie in maleficentEmma Stone in cruellaJosh Gad in Beauty and the Beast or even Bill Murray in the jungle book They are proof of that.

But to satisfy both the public’s desire and the studio’s stance, Here we bring back some Hollywood actors who have some qualities in common with Disney animated characters and seem to have been born to play those roles. For example, Danny DeVito as Philoctetes from Herculesor Rihanna as Tiana from Princess and the Frog.

Jason Momoa in ‘The Lion King’

Glamor / Walt Disney Pictures

The prominent beard, long hair, and scar on his eyebrow are some of the traits shared between Scar, from The Lion KingY Jason Momoa. In addition, his rude face and his physical strength that the actor of Aquaman Y cannibal loves make him a good choice to play Simba’s uncle.

Amy Adams in ‘The Little Mermaid’

Vogue/Walt Disney Pictures

While it is true that Halle Bailey is responsible for playing Ariel in The little Mermaid of Rob Marshall, and that should no longer fall into unjustified controversies, many fans of the character (inspired by the tale of Hans Christian Andersen) considered, for many years, that Amy Adams She was the one for the role.

Taylor Swift in ‘Frozen’

Refinery / Walt Disney Pictures

who better than Taylor Swift to play the iconic princess of Frozen with a cold touch, but a warm heart? The pop star, who has participated in the films cats Y Amsterdamhas proven to be every girl’s best friend and has been through her fair share of romantic trials and love disappointments, so she’s a perfect fit for the kind and independent Elsa.

Anthony Hopkins in ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’

The Guardian / Walt Disney Pictures

If at some point Disney dares to make a much darker version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the best option to play the villain of the film, Claude Frollo, is Anthony Hopkins. The veteran actor is world renowned and highly praised for his role as serial killer Hannibal Lecter in The silence of the inocents.

Oscar Isaac in ‘Peter Pan’

Esquire/Walt Disney Pictures

Many actors have played Captain Hook in various film and television adaptations over the years, but for a new version of Peter PanDisney could contemplate oscar isaac. The protagonist of moonknight Y the card counter He has already played villains, including his character in X Men Apocalypse.

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