JakPro starts to replace JIS total grass in accordance with FIFA standards


PT Jakarta Propertindo (JakPro) has begun a complete turf replacement at the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). The grass at JIS Stadium was replaced to FIFA standards ahead of the U-17 World Cup.

“The grass on the JIS field has been completely replaced with new grass in accordance with FIFA standards,” JakPro expert Wisnu Vardhana said in a written statement in Jakarta, as quoted. BetweenTuesday (29.08.2023).

The World Under-17 Championship will be held from November 10 to December 2, 2023. Vishnu, the manager said, the grass removal is part of improving the stadium’s facilities and access for the convenience of visitors.

In addition, Vishnu continued, the Jakarta Highway Service DKI is repairing the roads around the JIS for access to and from the toll roads. JakPro also shared the latest photos and videos related to the progress of the JIS renovation, in the form of grass being torn down on every corner.

“The whole grass replacement process is in full swing (in progress). We have done various studies with other types of grass in several places,” Vishnu said.

JakPro, he continued, will gradually continue to prepare the JIS to host the Under-17 World Championships.

JakPro management has previously emphasized that no Regional Investment (PMD) from the Jakarta Regional DKI Budget for 2023 was used to reconstruct or repair the JIS turf.

“We always have a budget for development. He must be there, he is ready,” Ivan said.


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