Itatí Cantoral turns 47 like good wines, divine in a patent leather dress

Proving that the passage of time does her errands, the gorgeous Mexican actress Itatí Cantoral, she reached 47 like good wines, divine in a patent leather dress that highlighted his attributes. The interpreter of the famous villain in the soap opera Maria from the neighborhood, Soraya Montenegro, Itatí Cantoral she showed off her charm and her ability to remain gorgeous and jovial.

Through her stories on Instagram, Itatí Cantoral shared a video in which he received a surprise from his representative, Danna, in his dressing room, where he showed off a sophisticated and modern patent leather outfitwho showed others, but that the singer’s daughter Roberto Cantoral He looked elegant thanks to the details he added.

It is a notch black patent leather dress and long sleeves with a large opening in the front up to the abdomen, which let her attributes escape, adjusted with a matching belt with a large buckle.

Itatí Cantoral She added black leggings and stilettos of the same color to her outfit, which gave her elegance and discretion, very much in the style of Sandy Olsson in Vaseline.

The actress of successful telenovelas like Till Money Do Us Part and more recently The Mexican and the Güero She arrived at 47 years of age looking wonderful and very rejuvenated, but above all, with a great career full of successes.

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And it is that, only in this year, Itatí Cantoral He has not stopped working, doing television, theater and even movies, because let’s remember that a few months ago he was part of the successful Disney movie, Netwhere she lent her voice for the Spanish version to the character of Mei Lee’s mother, ming lee.

For the ex-wife of the actor Edward Santamarinabringing Ming Lee to life was a great opportunity and a great pride, not only because I had always dreamed of participating in a Disney movie, but also because, as the mother of a teenager, Maria Itatishe also felt identified.

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“They say that the years always bring a cake under their arms and it is true because this girl of mine, María Itatí, took me to ‘Red’, and ‘Red’ came to me just at my daughter’s age, because she is 13 years old. , so it is dedicated to my daughter and to all the teenage girls in the world”.

Itatí Cantoral turns 47 like fine wines, divine in a patent leather dress. PHOTO:, INSTAGRAM

Itatí Cantoral recognized that with the new story in which the issue of menstruation and all the physical and emotional changes that this entails is very subtly addressed, it gave her the opportunity to reflect on her own case with her daughter, coming to understand that children should be allowed to be so that they learn to live, and not overprotect them, as he admits he does with his daughter.

Itatí Cantoral turns 47 like fine wines, divine in a patent leather dress. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“I identify with Ming Lee”, confesses Itatí. “I am an overprotective mother and she helped me understand that life is changing, that you have to let your children adapt to their own changes and make their decisions; you only accompany them. In the end, love is that. And that’s what the movie does, remind you that the most important thing is love, “she specified at the time.

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