Italy vs Switzerland (1-1): Goals | The pass is decided on the last date

Italy, who had the opportunity to qualify for the Qatar-2022 World Cup in case of beating this Friday to Switzerland, did not exceed tie to one goal against the ‘Nati’ and both teams arrive tied on points to the last day of group C of the European classification.

Next Monday this key will be resolved: Italy, which exceeds Switzerland for goal difference, he will visit North Ireland, while the Helvetians will receive Bulgaria.

Silvan Widmer overtook the Swiss shortly after the start of the match (11) and Giovanni di Lorenzo tied (36) for the Italians, who had the chance to win the game on the horn, but Jorginho missed a penalty (90).

The ‘Nati’ surprised the Italians, hitting first and opening the scoring at eleven minutes, when the fast winger Noah okafor He left for speed and from the left wing a center was taken that finished off the net, arriving from behind, Silvan Widmer.

The goal knocked out the Italians, who were lucky not to concede the second five minutes later, in another action of Okafor, whose crossed shot was marked by brushing the post of the goal defended by Gianluigi Donnarumma (16).

The ‘Azzurra‘was little by little taking the pulse of the game and began to bring danger in front of the goal of Yann Sommer.

Nicolo Barella was close to drawing at 22 when taking advantage of a rejection of Sommer a shot of Jorginho, but the Swiss goalkeeper reacted quickly and rejected the shot of the player of the Inter.

Sommer was again decisive in a dangerous shot of Federico Chiesa (24), but could not avoid the draw shortly before the break: in a 100% Neapolitan action, Lorenzo Insigne hit the area with a free kick and Say Lorenzo he went ahead of the entire Swiss defense to send the ball into the net with a header (36).

In the second part, Switzerland hardly carried danger and Italy he looked for the goal of victory, although more timidly than in the first period.

The great occasion, however, came at the last gasp, when the referee considered a defense tackle a penalty. Ulisses Garcia upon Domenico Berardi, but Jorginho sent the ball to the clouds.

Italy must on Monday do at least the same result as Switzerland to achieve the pass and thus not relive the ghosts of 2017, when he went to the play-off and was left out of the Russia World Cup after losing against Sweden.

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