It was not Ochoa, what distracted Lewandowski and that is why the penalty was missed in Qatar

The real reason why Lewandoski missed the penalty
The real reason why Lewandoski missed the penalty

Polish forward Robert Lewandowski missed a decisive penalty against Guillermo Ochoa, the same one that could have been decisive for Poland’s aspirations in the World Cup, since in the last World Cups they have not started with good results.

One of the reasons striker Robert Lewandowski would have missed the penalty was due to a distractor that was behind Guillermo Ochoa’s goal, the same one that would have caused Lewandowski to miss. An Ecuadorian flag appeared behind the portico of Paco Memo.

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The Ecuadorian team became the executioner of Poland years ago in the World Cups and said flag would have drawn the attention of Robert Lewandowski who was listening to the euphoria of the Mexican fans who were stationed behind the goalkeeper. All that mixture of emotions played a trick on him.

Shouldn’t Lewandowski kick the penalty?

The coach of the Polish national team confessed that Robert Lewandowski did have confidence when it came to taking the penalty, but after Guillermo Ochoa’s save, the player seemed depressed.

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