It is possible to find out the limit of a meter in GTA V, although it takes a lot of patience and it will come out of the nose

It’s now eight years since the launch of GTA V and the community has done nothing but squeeze and experiment in Los Santos. The world created by Rockstar is full of secrets (will it ever be found out what happens with the Mount Chiliad mural?), So each and every one of them needs to be found out.

In the quest for science and absurdity, a player has had the wonderful idea of find out where the meter of a taxi stops in the game. Through GTA Online, whatever57010 has called a taxi driver, indicated an impossible-to-reach direction for the driver, and waited to learn the limits of the machine. An experiment of nothing more and nothing less than 2 hours and 43 minutes.

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It is difficult to keep track of the laps that the taxi has given to the entire game map, but the taxi driver does not seem to bother, as long as the customer ends up paying. The truth is that we could all think that the limit for the taximeter would be 9,999 dollars, but not exactly. From the 5,000 dollars of trip, the number does not increase and is paralyzed.

Therefore, we can maintain a free infinite trip as long as we indicate new destinations to the taxi driver. Of course, when we get out of the car we will be charged the 5,000 dollars, but the cost will no longer increase for our pocket. Among the stellar moments we find the minute 41:24, moment in which the taxi driver makes a mistake and begins to invade the forest without control.

Fortunately, the journey is not ruined and he returns to driving. Due to the length of the video and the GTA V music, it can be used perfectly as a background soundtrack. A good way to wait for the arrival of the title to PS5 and Xbox Series X / S.

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