It is not possible to leave a WhatsApp group without being noticed, but this way you can make it disappear almost completely

WhatsApp groups and in general groups of any messaging application. Paradise for some and a nightmare for others. If you are one of those who, as a server, are in the second category, you may have been tempted in more than one moment to leave any of them. And in this tutorial we are going to focus on those that are created in WhatsApp.

From the outset we want to be clear. If you want to leave a WhatsApp group, it is impossible to do it in secret. Everyone will find out and if you do not want to create bad rolls this is perhaps not a good option. The positive part is that, having said that, there are alternatives that allow a group to disappear almost completely of our WhatsApp conversations. And no one will know that you have.

Make a group almost invisible and without bad vibes


That group to which your brother-in-law has added you and with which you do not want to have bad faces at the next dinner if you decide to leave or that of your co-workers when you do not want to know anything about them on a weekend. Two examples that come like a glove because there are many people who do not dare to leave a group well because he does not know how or also why they will say about me if I go.

The problem is that On WhatsApp, going French is not possible without them realizing. If you leave the group you will always see a “So and so has left the group”. So in order not to create a bad atmosphere and leave a bad taste in our mouths, we can go the middle way and look for other solutions, which there are.

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And is that we can make a group disappear almost completely from our conversations and also without anyone knowing. Something that can be achieved with two steps: first mute it to not continue receiving notifications and then archiving it so as not to see it among the rest of the conversations on the main screen.

You will not receive notifications or notices of any kind during conversations, even if they mention you

With this system you are still within the group. No one can reproach you for leaving, but you will not know anything about him unless you decide and want to reverse the steps. You will always have to hand to go back in and review what has been written.

How to mute and archive a group

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At this point we will explain how to proceed to mute and archive a WhatsApp group. The first thing you have to do is enter the WhatsApp group that you want to cancel and at the top of the chat click on the name of the group in question.


You will see a page with the group’s data and a series of options. You should look at the one titled “Mute notifications”. When you activate it, what you do is tell WhatsApp that you do not want to receive notifications about this group.

Group 2

WhatsApp will then ask you how long you want to silence group notifications. There are several options but the one that interests you is “Always”.


In the case of Android, you must also deactivate the option “Show notifications”. With these two steps what you do is prevent notifications from reaching you and they will not appear when you are in the message list.

With the first step taken now it touches “File” the group and to do so, just go to the main WhatsApp page and press and hold the name of the group that we want to archive until it is selected. At that moment you must click on the button “File” with a box icon with a down arrow.

Group number 3

From here the message will appear instead of part of the rest of the chats and conversations. In the upper area of ​​the screen in the “Archived” section.


With this step you are about to finish the process. Now you must enter the “Settings” WhatsApp in the lower area on the gear wheel and in the section “Chats” activate the option “Keep chats archived”. What this does is that everything that is written in the group will always remain so that you can see it at any time.

Archived 2

From now on, to access the group that you have “frozen” you will have to enter the “Archived” section that will appear on top of everything, since it does not appear among the rest of the conversations. And best of all, you haven’t officially left, but you won’t hear from the group unless you want to see them.

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