It is 80 million years old and “only” costs $ 8,610

This iPhone 13 comes straight from “Jurassic Park”.

The iPhone 13 is without a doubt one of the best phones of this year. Good design, outstanding performance, and a camera that stands out from the competition. Price? Starting at $ 800.

However, there are many versions of the iPhone 13. Not only those that are launched at prices impossible for many of us, but like the one that we bring you next. An iPhone 13 with an embedded tyrannosaurus tooth.

This iPhone 13 has a dinosaur tooth and costs more than $ 8,000

iPhone with dinosaur tooth

This iPhone 13 comes with an embedded dinosaur tooth.

Of course this smartphone has been launched by Caviar, that company that sells the most popular smartphones of the moment with lots of gold and diamonds and at exorbitant prices. This time it is a phone with a few really curious details.

This iPhone 13 comes standard with a tyrannosaurus tooth from more than 80 million years ago in addition to including titanium panels and 1024 diamonds on the back. It is also made of other materials such as gold or amber. All this has caused the device to be really limited and that only 7 units are manufactured worldwide.

iPhone 13 Caviar

This is the new iPhone 13 from Caviar.

Luckily the device will be sold with 1 TB storage memory and all at a price starting at $ 8,000, an amount that we have not found too high coming from Caviar. Remember that some of their phones have even exceeded $ 45,000.

Now, if both the iPhone 13 from Caviar or the normal iPhone 13 from Apple do not convince you, we leave you 5 Android phones with the same or better screen than the new iPhone 13 Pro, some like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the OnePlus 9 they are still the best purchase so far this year.

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