It instantly removes stubborn stains on the carpet. It restores its original shape with just 2 ingredients.

Carpets and rugs are like stain magnets. Whether it’s spilled from a cup of coffee, oil dripping from food, or even a smudge of paint applied with a pencil, it’s all annoying. There are many carpet stain removers on the market. But sometimes these products don’t give positive results and all the money is wasted. Then we look for a solution by natural methods.

It is important to live in a clean, spacious and healthy environment. One of the elements that keeps a home clean and spacious is carpet cleaning. For this reason, it is important that the carpet is free of stains and clean. You can return the carpet to its original appearance by natural methods. You can remove all stubborn stains with just 2 ingredients. It will instantly remove any stains!


First of all, vacuum the carpet and make sure it is free of dust and hair. If there is the most effective and most beneficial cleaning method from the past, it is Arabic soap. Dissolve Arabic soap in warm water. Then dip the cloth or fiber into Arabic soapy water and wring out the water. Remove it by doing this for every field you promote. Then wipe again with clean water.

Another method for removing tea, coffee and oil stains from the surface of the carpet is corn starch. Sprinkle enough cornstarch on stained areas to remove any stubborn stains and leave on for 5 minutes. Then wipe the carpets with vinegar water. Thanks to cornstarch, stubborn stains on the carpet will disappear and your carpet will shine like new.

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