“It has been a very enriching experience, I would love to repeat”

War missions, armed conflicts and military troops have returned with a new story and great technical, graphic and mechanical innovation from the hand of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIthe new game of the famous Infinity Ward and Activision saga that this friday has arrived to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.

With a remarkable graphic leap, gameplay improvements, more advanced artificial intelligence and more modes, this installment, which keeps the experience battle royale of war zonepresents a new plot whose campaign is set in Mexico and will feature a new character, Philip Graves.

This former soldier was Team Leader of the Marines of the MARSOC Raider Regiment and is the founder and CEO of Shadow Company. Y Yon González is the one who gives life to this character in Spanish.

Jon Gonzalez.

yon gonzalez

  • Vergara (Guipuzcoa); May 20, 1986

At 36 years old, the actor has an extensive career behind him, especially on television. After playing Andrés in the series ‘SMS’, his most recognized role was that of Iván Noiret in ‘El internado’. ‘Gran Hotel’, ‘Cable girls’, ‘Under suspicion’ or ‘The heirs of the earth’ are some of his most recognized projects, as well as films like ‘Losing the north’ or ‘Once upon a time in Euskadi ‘.

How would you describe your character?Philip Graves is a Marine, a raider team leader. And he is a passionate guy, always wanting to recycle himself and with adrenaline always pumped into his body to face missions and overcome them. Under the command of Shadow Co, Graves maintains a fleet of fixed-wing helicopters, amphibians and ground-based weapons platforms based in seven countries. It is a very interesting profile and is one of my favorites.

How has the experience of dubbing a video game character been?The truth is that the dubbing has been wonderful and intense, because I had a lot of phrases and it’s my first time dubbing something. I’ve dubbed myself, but of course it’s not the same, you have to do it naturally. And in the dubbing of a game you have to impose your voice a bit. It’s been super fun and my character has a lot of presence because he has a lot of text, a lot of dialogue throughout the game.

Is it more difficult to voice a video game character than yourself?Yes of course. It is that they are infinite jobs, because you can always improve them with nuances. But it’s been super fun, exciting and enriching, because for a few hours that we’ve been dubbing you’re totally into the voice and the character and it’s been a super enriching experience. I would love to go back to dubbing, video games or whatever. Keep learning, because I found it super curious and I feel like it.

Was it clear from the beginning that you accepted this very different project?Yes, of course, how not to participate in the franchise of Call of Duty, that I was a player since they started. It goes that I have not put hours there. So, it’s wonderful to be able to participate and make a character here in this video game, an honor.

So, had you played video games before?Yes. I have lived the stage of the arcades. I have played from the Atari that my parents bought me back in the day until I reached this quality of games, this wonder that is a whole universe. On her day, my mother would let me play for 40 minutes or an hour at most, because it is true that they catch you. And, nowadays, this quality is amazing, it is such a well-defined universe, so complex, it is normal that you inadvertently enjoy it to the fullest for a few hours.

What games do you remember fondly?Super Mariothe superpangI recently played it again. I also like car simulators. It’s just that it’s so real that you actually learn how to drive with these simulation games.

Would you like to play a character like Grimes for film, stage or television?Well, I would love to, of course, what happens is that I still don’t know if… Well, I’m starting to get old enough to be able to be the captain of something (laughs). I would have to get quite strong, because they are all true machines physically. But hey, it wouldn’t be hard.

And how does it look in the action genre?Yes. Luckily, I have done some action things, since I started karate when I was 5 years old and until I was almost 20 I competed almost every weekend, I was very involved in the subject. In several series I have been able to take advantage of that knowledge, for the fights of The intershipwe were doing shotokan with a stick, for example. When I was training and such, I put together those choreographies for the series. I used to do fencing before, but they told me: ‘Do you dare to do the choreography for the series and we change sports?’ And I said yes, it was an opportunity. Also for fights grand hotel And luckily, we have always taken advantage of that knowledge of the subject of sports, of fighting, to be able to get the scenes out quickly, because if they weren’t long and with a certain complexity. Really, either you have a good body awareness and you know what you’re doing or it would be something complicated to pull off.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the premiere of The intership. Is there some kind of reunion on the table?15 years already? Well, the truth is that they haven’t told me anything. I am now, luckily, recording a series also for Amazon called memento mori. We are all very happy with what we are doing, it is being a very interesting project. Everything we’ve seen is being very good, so I hope you like this one even more. It is the adaptation of a novel by César Pérez Gellida, who is from Valladolid, and we have gone to record there. A wonderful city. Very comfortable.

And the co-stars…?Very good, really, I’m delighted (laughs). Well, let’s see, Juan Fernández is there, for example… The truth is that I’m delighted because they’re a bunch of professionals. We are doing a very beautiful thing and we are all with absolute dedication.

Do you notice a new barrage of younger fans who are now watching The intership on Amazon?Well, it is true that in Valladolid they have told me ‘we are now seeing The intership‘. And others have told me ‘I’ve seen it three times’. Three times, seriously? There are 71 chapters. It’s funny, it’s a series that has its years and people are hooked, with the good series that are being made today. This very well The intershipbut it was 15 years ago, everything has evolved to such a fast and good level that it’s funny that people are still hooked.

What future projects do you have in your hands?There’s a movie that’s still going ahead for next year, but I don’t know, there’s nothing yet. Make this series, that it turns out well, and surely the future brings us something.

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