It Comes to Light That Kenia Os’s Lover Is a Brazilian Footballer

The famous Youtuber, Kenya You was surprised with a spectacular detail that sparked rumors and speculation because no one knew who her beauty fell in love with

A Real Madrid footballer is the secret lover who surprised Kenia Os with a huge gift that undoubtedly caused an impact on the famous YouTuber and on all her fans who are lurking on her social networks.

The Brazilian soccer player, Vinicius Jr is the one who surprised the beautiful Mexican Influencer with a detail that will surely be unforgettable for the famous, who apparently has not been conquered by the player.

Vinicius Jr was encouraged to conquer the content creator with details that attract the attention of anyone since the Brazilian has seen himself as a gentleman trying to do the same so that the young Mexican woman turned to see him.

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On the pitch, the player has become one of Real Madrid’s most important players, but outside of it, he is living a very different game, wanting to win the heart of a social media star.

Through different publications, Kenia Os and Vinicius have starred in videos and photographs in which they show the good friends they have to this day, but some details of the Brazilian suggest that he wants to conquer the heart of the famous singer from Sinaloa.

The last gift that Vinicius Jr made to the also singer was a huge arrangement of roses that she herself boasted on social networks, along with the song ‘Yonaguni’ by Bad Bunny.

For many of his fans, the detail was something majestic, so they cheered that the footballer has been encouraged to decorate Kenia Os, while others say that for her this means nothing, although the song says that she loves it too.

The images of the gift that Vinicius gave him went viral quickly, and they all speak of the perseverance that the player has had when trying to unite his heart to that of Kenya Os, which is not known how he will react since it is unknown if she likes the player for a loving couple.  

Although it is said that the beautiful model from Mazatlan sent the soccer player to the friend zone, he does not remove his finger from the line and continues to conquer her attention with details that surely flatter and excite her, since he is still a very splendid admirer who wants to be part of his life and take over half of his heart.

It is worth mentioning that through social networks a wave of memes was unleashed after the gift that the Brazilian soccer player gave him since they assure that she does not want to formalize with anyone at the moment, while they make noise about the good intentions that Vinicius Jr has by falling in love with her.   

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