Istanbul Governor’s statement on the incident

Prevention of illegal demolition by IMM: Istanbul Governor’s office statement on the incident


The Governor’s statement is as follows:

“Property with an area of ​​1880.02 square meters, block 3284, plot No. 59, located in the Merkezefendi district of the Zeytinburnu region, was transferred to the treasury on June 17, 2022. Through this decision, the building on said real estate acquired the status of public property in accordance with Law No. 4706 (Law on the Valuation of Real Estate Owned by the Treasury and Amendments to the Value Added Tax Law).

The IMM Police Department has informed us of the decision to demolish this building, which belongs to the Ministry of Finance and is planned to be used as a youth centre.

As the governor of Istanbul, we believe that the implementation of the decision to demolish this building will cause irreparable public harm. In addition, a lawsuit is ongoing over the building, which is planned to be used as a Youth Center.

Our respective units have been instructed not to proceed with the demolition process in order to prevent the public harm that may be incurred as a result of a hasty demolition application, even before the completion of the legal processes.”

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