Is the SBC “Shapeshifter Challenge 3” worth it? + Solution

FIFA 22 just got a new event themed challenge Shapeshifters in UltimateTeam. Before offering you the template that we have devised to solve it, you can take a look at other articles that we have published throughout the morning such as EA’s compensation for a bug they had a few days ago with an SBC Y the review of a couple of very good midfielders in quality / price ratio.

SBC “Shapeshifter Challenge 3”

This SBC will not expire until Friday June 24 at seven in the evening (Spanish peninsular time). The prize will consist of a pack of Electro Unique Players (guarantees a +82 card on average). cannot be repeated and the cards that touch us in the pack they will be non-transferable.

  • Min Leagues in Squad: 3
  • Min. 4 players from the same Country
  • max. 3 players from the same Club
  • Min 1 player: Unique
  • Min Star Value of the team: 75
  • Min Team Chemistry: 85
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC Shapeshifter Challenge 3
6,950 coins on PS, 8,000 on Xbox and 8,600 on PC

Although it is non-transferable, it’s a good envelope. Therefore, if your budget is not very low, it’s ok to do it if you’re lucky. Even more so if you can make it cheaper with letters from the club itself.

Here we share Marcus Thuram Shapeshifters SBC analysis. If you want to know when we upload articles, you can join the Telegram broadcast channel And if you have any kind of doubt, write us in the comments or do it on Twitter (@utaldia).

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