Is the end of Tinder near? Millionaire losses and the missing director

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The director of Tinder has left her post and millionaire losses have just been recorded

The famous dating platform is about to collapse

At its best, Tinder has been a platform where people have gotten to know each other.after like-minded people to start a relationship or have sex. Right now the famous platform is on a knife edge after registering millionaire losses.

The executive director of the entire racket has abandoned her post, leaving the entire administrative board beheaded.

At the moment the platform is struggling to survive, but things are rough and it may soon disappear from many people’s lives. The situation, described as idyllic a few months ago, has started to go wrong causing the losses to be millions. Tinder has suffered a loss of competitiveness in the medium term compared to other applications of this style.

No one yet knows what will happen to the famous dating application, but things are very difficult. There is nothing left but to wait for the administration to choose a new representative of the company and that the losses are not as catastrophic as they seem. At least in the long term that can be profitable.

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