Is the Bim Stationery Campaign Still Going On? What products will be relevant on Tuesday, August 29?

Beam meets with citizens on Tuesday and Friday with campaign products. Bim, which usually runs a food campaign on Tuesday, puts its current products on the shelf on Friday.

Shortly before schools, Beam and other chain markets began to make serious discounts on stationery. Are the campaigns started last week still going on?

Is the Bim Stationery Campaign Still Going On?

On Friday, August 25, sales of office supplies started in the Bim store. Last week, students and parents were covered in the topical products section. Products that aroused great interest were sold at prices well below market prices.

Seeing that the prices were low, the citizen satisfied his needs for stationery for preschoolers. This week, the opportunity remains for those wishing to purchase stationery. Some items remain on the shelves. Citizens who need it must get it before it runs out.

Promotion for Tuesday, August 29th.

Beam offers food campaigns on Tuesday, August 29th. Milk and dairy products stand out in the published catalogue. Kashkaval, brynza, milk, yogurt campaign are offered. Citizens will be able to purchase Bim products today from 9 o’clock.

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