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After an extensive legal process with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, fans are wondering if Johnny Depp will return to Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jack Sparrow. Let’s remember that because of the accusations of alleged abuse and mistreatment that Heard made against Depp, the latter’s career faltered. The news about his return or not to the famous saga arrives five years after the last movie.

In mid-2022, the court ruled in favor of Johnny Depp a few months ago. With the name clear of the terrible accusations that Amber Heard made against her, the return to the big screen seems imminent.

Return Pirates of the Caribbean

According to what The Sun reported, Depp, who played the drunken pirate in the previous five films, is scheduled for a test shoot in the UK in February. The newspaper found out about it through a new call for the production.

According to sources, the provisional title of the new movie, made by Disney, would be A Day At The Sea.

A source said: “Johnny is set to return as Captain Jack Sparrow and is scheduled to start filming in early February at a top-secret location in the UK.”

“Everything is in the early stages and there is no director attached to the project yet, which is called A Day At The Sea”the source added. “Johnny is expected to do a test shoot in early February before production fully begins.”

In the same way, the source assured that an important figure would return. “Bruce Hendricks, who worked on the first three films, has been named Executive Producer of the new project.”

“All other details are kept under lock and key. The entire project is shrouded in secrecy and Disney wants to keep everything a secret the best you can”.


Depp, 59, made his debut as Sparrow in The Curse Of The Black Pearl in 2003.

The first five films grossed more than £3.4 billion worldwide and it was reported that they got Depp over £200 million.

His future in the franchise was left in doubt after he lost his libel suit against The Sun. in November 2020 after he was labeled a “wife beater” in an article about him and his ex-wife Amber Heard. However, this is part of the past because Depp would return.

Trial with Amber Heard

The couple spent long months of legal disputes. Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of mistreatment and abuse during her marriage. The simple fact of the accusations meant that Depp was banned from film projects, for which he was separated from any possible return to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Amber Heard (1)
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

After the court found Depp not guilty, he lashed out at his ex in a new defamation trial.

The trial became one of the most noisy in recent years and attracted the attention of the media from around the world, which followed the arguments and defenses of both parties on a daily basis.

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