Is it really ideal to buy ‘popcorn’ with Bitcoin today?

Now there are more and more companies offering Bitcoin as an option for digital payments. AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron recently revealed in a tweet that Bitcoin will officially be one of the payment methods on the platform.

However, not everyone is convinced, being Jill Gunter from Slow Ventures one of them. In a recent interview with CNBC, she posted,

“I think Bitcoin is not really cool, at least nowadays, to go out and buy popcorn with it.”

According to the executive, there are “other cryptocurrencies that are more suitable for that.” Chris Flowers of JC Flowers also seems to have the view that Bitcoin, as a payment currency, is “too slow and too expensive.” He was recently quoted as saying,

“Bitcoin is really ridiculous as a serious alternative payment method.”

Just last week, Bitcoin was hovering around its high of $ 69,000 on the back of high inflation figures. Also in the past, JP Morgan has associated Bitcoin price rally with the resurgence of inflationary fears. Interestingly, Flowers is not buying into that theory to invest in Bitcoin.

However, there is also talk that the tech giant apple may not be afraid to accept these digital payment methods in the future. Especially in light of CEO Tim Cook’s outlook positives in digital assets as part of a “diversified portfolio.”

Now, that begs the question of whether the e-commerce platform Amazon is willing to be next in line. Recently, The Haus, a real estate app endorsed by Bezos, Opened your doors to Bitcoin. Now it is clear that more services want to include what is becoming a very popular medium of exchange.

Naturally, not everyone agrees with the idea. According to Economist Peter schiffFor example, “if Bitcoin doesn’t die of natural causes, gold will eventually kill it.”

His views are contrary to many who believe that Bitcoin is a better hedge than gold for today’s price increases. Including MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor, who opined that Bitcoin is, in fact, “killing gold.”

On the issue of payments, what stands against Bitcoin?

Citadel billionaire CEO Ken Griffin predicted at a summit last week that “Ethereum-based conception in the next generation of cryptocurrencies will replace Bitcoin-based ones.” Why? Well, simply because of “higher transaction speeds, lower cost per transaction.” He pointed out,

“Bitcoin is incredibly expensive to manage payments in …”

Not forgetting the volatility that accompanies the asset class. But, El Salvador remains on the other side of the spectrum with President Bukele adding more Bitcoin to the state coffers. Zimbabwe is also considering accepting real currency as legal tender.

To conclude, it is worth noting that Gunter argues that Bitcoin’s bull run will continue “at least in the short to medium term.” At press time, Bitcoin was trading close to $ 65,800. According to AMBCrypto’s analysis, the on-chain metrics also seemed to point towards a strong market.

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