Is Giorgio Chiellini End of an Era worth it? + SBC Solution

The new transferable Shapeshifters They have been accompanied this Sunday by Giorgio Chiellini End of an Era. The Italian central defender from Serie A already appeared in an SBC several months ago as FUT Captains, and today he returns with an even more competitive special version. Your Squad Building Challenge is available until July 19 and now it’s time to talk about what it could offer our teams in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Despite its incredible stats, it is very reasonably priced.

Stats in game Chiellini End of an Era FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
His SBC currently costs 110,000 coins on PS, 113,750 on Xbox, and 134,050 on PC. He has a medium/high work rate, “Tall and balanced” Body Type, he is 1’87 and is left-handed.

FIFA 22 – Analysis of Chiellini End of an Era

Has everything you need to deliver outstanding performance, stands out in all the important attributes for the central position and does not fail in height either. He is 1’87, he could be even taller but it will be enough to impose his 98 strength on the pitch. He to frequently knock down enemy attackers.

Chiellini End of an Era is a spectacular card because, after applying Shadow as a chemistry, will combine perfect pace with 99 reaction, 98 composure and unbeatable defensive stats (minus 95 pitch). Aside from stamina not being an issue, reaching 88 is more than fair for the DFC position. So he is a fast player at all times, who does not falter physically and who will be precise when it comes to stealing.

The truth is that there is little to comment on his stats. Basically because, as we just said, almost all of those important to your position reach 99 or are very close to it. There are few alternatives in FIFA 22 that can compare to it.

And about his treatment of the ball we can’t say anything bad either. 70 Vision is a bit low, though it’s a very minor stat for his position. Combining 90 short passing and 89 long passing is not surprising in this era of Ultimate Team but it is more than correct, and his dribbling attributes are worthy of an CDM. They will work less well due to their size, but they are still so tall that they should not bother you at the beginning of the game.

Perfect Link Chiellini End of an Era FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
Not counting Di Natale FUT Heroes Captains, Chiesa TOTY Honorific is your most usable perfect link right now. But it’s easy to find even more interesting attackers.

Therefore, Chiellini Fin de Una Era will be a brutal central defender. Because he excels in almost every key aspect and doesn’t falter in anything important. He’d be even more forceful in melee if he was taller than 1’87, but that’s still a pretty good height. Even more so when she is combined with her impressive numbers. So has what it takes to be one of the best DFC’s in FIFA 22to stand up to any attacker.

Green Links Chiellini End of an Era FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
It has quite a few useful green links and these are some of them.

So is it worth it?

we consider it one of the best SBC’s in FIFA 22. A great opportunity to get a top DFC, very easy to link and for a fairly low cost considering what it can offer in the field. So we clearly recommend it.

In Serie A squads, he can form a luxury pairing with Koulibaly TOTS. The Napoli footballer is also a huge bargain, even when it was worth more than 400,000 coins it justified its price. And after the slump he suffered from respawning in TOTS Ultimate, he’s now incredibly cheap for the security he brings.

We prefer Chiellini End of an Era over Kalulu Shapeshifters or Córdoba FUT Heroes Captains. We tested the first one during the current FUT Champions and, although it performs well, it is expensive for what it offers. Physically he could be stronger, he’s only 1’84 and his Body Type is “Thin”. Plus he barely hits an 85 reaction. While the former soccer player is quite expensive, it does not make a difference compared to other much more affordable alternatives.

The normal version of Córdoba stood out at the beginning of the season for his speed and precision when stealing. But his pace and defense numbers are already common in Ultimate Team, it doesn’t make a difference anymore thanks to them. So now we notice much more his 1’73 height, it’s more damaging than before.

So Chiellini End of an Era seems much more interesting to us than other options in its league. Y quality / price ratio, we consider him one of the best central defenders in Ultimate Team. We definitely recommend him and he could make a great pairing alongside Koulibaly TOTS (who is another top FIFA 22 bargain for the CB position).

Orange Links Italy Chiellini End of an Era FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
Outside of Serie A, we didn’t find too many noteworthy cards from Italy.

Recommended Chemistry Style

Shade: Since he naturally reaches 98 strength, it’s interesting to apply this chemistry so his timing is perfect. In addition to that all his defensive statistics will be unbeatable except for the header (which reaches 95).

SBC Solution

Challenge 1: Piemonte Calcio

Reward: Premium Electro Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 player from Piemonte Calcio (Juventus)
  • Min 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS)
  • Min Star Value of the team: 83
  • Min Team Chemistry: 70
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC Chiellini End of an Era
46,200 coins on PS, 53,750 on Xbox and 64,000 on PC

Challenge 2: Serie A TIM

Reward: Electro Prime Players Pack.

  • Min. 1 player from Serie A TIM
  • Min 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS)
  • Min Star Value of the team: 84
  • Min Team Chemistry: 65
FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBC Chiellini End of an Era
68,800 coins on PS, 60,000 on Xbox and 70,050 on PC

Remember that Giorgio Chiellini’s End of an Era SBC expires on July 19. We leave you here the articles of carrasco Y Felipe Anderson Shapeshifters. In addition to our Telegram broadcast channel, in which we warn about all FIFA 22 Ultimate Team posts. All the best!

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