«Irma Vep», the return of the velvet ninja

It seems that fiction is beginning to exhaust the subgenres of nostalgia. In full explosion of remakes, reboosts and other formats that recover myths of yesterday, HBO has passed the game. your new “Irma Vep” series recreates the filming of a hypothetical remake of the first fiction that featured a female supervillain “Les Vampires”. A mute vampire thriller seems like quite the challenge for any adaptation. However, this scenario serves to criticize some of the inertia that the industry has gained in recent years, while other good customs of classic cinema have fallen into oblivion.

These criticisms of the new industry focus on the director of the shoot, a romantic filmmaker. It’s what he can’t stand when a feature film divided into six chapters is called a series or miniseries. Pedro, although he is the most pedantic, this director will squeeze the maximum potential of the protagonist, played by Alicia Vikander. Alicia is known for playing Lara Croft in the popular Tomb Raider saga. with permission of Angelina Jolie, although he has also starred in other feature films such as “La chica danesa” or “Exmachina”. This is the most important role of her in series format.

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