Iris Concert (Unplugged) with Christy Minculescu, Walter Popa and “Boro”

Iris, one of the most beloved Romanian rock bands, comes to Oradea with a classic line-up. They will be released on Thursday, August 31, from 21:00, on the stage in the park of the Museum of the country Krishurilor, st. Romanian army, no. 1/A, Cristi Minculescu, Walter Popa and Doru “Boro” Borobeika.

Songs such as “Floare de iris”, “Baby”, “Strada ta” or “Somn bizar” are symbols for generations, the spirit of Iris has been preserved for four decades, leaving a strong mark on the history of Romanian rock music.

Cristi Minculescu’s unmistakable voice, Walter Popa’s guitar, and Boro’s clean bass rhythm convey beautiful Iris ballads or powerful songs with the same hint of hard rock and progressive influences. When they take the stage, thousands of voices sing in unison, because their repertoire brings together a lot of memories, a lot of nostalgia. The three were joined by drummer Mihai Dumitrescu.

“We are one of those lucky ones who have fans of all generations, but when I look around the room, I don’t see any difference in reaction between the young and the not-so-young. They jump the same way, they clap the same way, they sing the same way, all together, a choir that sends chills down your spine,” soloist Cristi Minculescu says in an interview with Fromula Aş.

Even if at the beginning of their career, when they decided to follow this path, they did not dream of such a great success, after four decades of activity they continue to enjoy the recognition and love of the public.

The Thursday night event is organized by the Oradea Krishurilor Museum and Museum Complex in cooperation with the Bihor District Library “George Shinkai”, the Bihor District Cultural Center and the Armonix SRL Education Center, and in partnership with the Bihor District Council and Oradea City Hall. together with private partners Mr. Bean, Bers Nova and D&C Oradea. Entrance to the event is free.

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