Ionuts Radu goes to the Premier League! Moving details

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24.07.2023, 10:03

Ionut Radu (26 years old) will not remain in its composition Inter for next season.

Like last season, Ionuts Radu will be loaned to Inter. After last year’s experiments in Cremonese and Auxerre, the Romanians will now go to England.

Ionuts Radu, Bournemouth

Ionuts Radu will play in the first English league, Bournemouth, finishing 15th in the Premier League last season.

According to journalist Nicolo Shira, the parties involved are very close to finalizing the transfer and Ionutz Radu will be a Bournemouth player for one season.

Bournemouth will pay Ionutz Radu the majority of his salary at Inter, which is 1.8 million euros a year.

For a starting spot at Bournemouth, Ionutz Radu will face off against Neto, a Brazilian who has spent time at Fiorentina, Juventus and Barcelona, ​​and Mark Travers, goalkeepers who shared their minutes last season.

Ionuts Radu was not included by Inter in the list for training camp

The departure of Ionutz Radu from Inter was expected, especially since coach Simone Inzaghi did not include him in the list of players for training camp in Japan.

Ionutz Radu has one more year on his contract with Inter and there is a strong possibility that the final parting will take place on June 30, 2024.

  • 2013 is the year when Ionuts Radu moved to Inter.

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