Investigator Says Homicide Rise Was Deliberate And Controlled

Jeannette Aguilar, a security specialist, affirms that it is a strategy to demonstrate effectiveness, especially of the Armed Forces.

The increase in homicides in the last three days that the gang unleashed and left 47 fatalities, stopped this Friday, and apparently everything has returned to calm, according to the security authorities.

For some, the effectiveness of the Armed Forces and the National Civil Police, which by going out into the streets to patrol and intervene with gang members controlled the environment of insecurity; for others, there is something else behind this spike in murders.

For Jeannette Aguilar, a researcher on security, organized crime and gangs, the increase in murders in three days could be interpreted as a strategy to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Armed Forces and the National Civil Police with the Bukele Government’s Territorial Control Plan.

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“It offers elements to reinforce the hypothesis that it was a deliberate and controlled fluctuation to show effectiveness, especially of the Armed Forces,” said Aguilar.

According to the expert, the rise in violence and insecurity “also sought to contribute to a climate of fear and uncertainty among those that the government considers opposition.”

The criminologist Carlos Ponce has warned of two possible causes for the increase in homicides: one of them is that the “increase in homicides can be used by criminal structures to improve their position in the negotiation by putting pressure on the authorities.”

A “second reason, and probably the most delicate, is that criminal structures can increase homicides in collusion with the authorities pursuing political objectives,” Ponce explained.

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What Aguilar raises also has to do with the climate of insecurity experienced by the population since Tuesday, when the number of homicides and attacks rose dramatically, mainly in the Metropolitan Area of ​​San Salvador (see map), which is where the highest number of homicides was registered. number of murders.

The climate of insecurity even caused government institutions such as the Supreme Court of Justice, through its director of security, to warn employees yesterday that they should take a series of security measures in the face of the wave of murders promoted by gangs.

“There are two messages that I think they want to reinforce in the face of public opinion: gangs have significant power, but the government has the ability to control them,” Aguilar explains.

Since Thursday, the Bukele government launched patrols in areas supposedly controlled by the Territorial Control Plan where it executes the stage called “Incursion”, in addition to other places, in order to stop the actions of the gangs.

“After the #DespldamientosNacional, El Salvador already counts 19 hours without homicides. We will continue working without trusting each other, ”Bukele tweeted to publicize the effectiveness.

Among the first actions, as reported by the Police, there are alleged gang members arrested, confiscation of money from the gang as a result of alleged illegal activities, seizure of grenades and C-4 explosives, weapons for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

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For now, the violence in the streets has diminished, the gang has apparently been deployed, while the population continues to be anxious due to the climate of insecurity that was experienced and left a record number of 47 people killed in three days, when the average was four and five.

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