Into the wild with the comforts of home: the Bruder has a double-sided kitchen for six people and a smart chassis.

Availability, versatility and convenience. This is how Bruder’s EXP-7 camper trailer can be described very simply. Based in Brisbane, Australia, the company has a long tradition and diverse range of models, and their latest addition is the EXP-7. Then the offer includes the compact EXP-4 model, the medium EXP-6 model or the EXP-8 model, which is even a hair bigger than the EXP-7 model shown.

The practicality of the Bruder EXP-7 trailer can be seen at a glance, with doors on both sides for easy access. In addition, the entrance is from the right side through the vestibule, which is also a bathroom, so there is no risk that the staff will bring dirt and other dirt inside after returning from a day hike. This is an example of how Australians put their heads into development.

Another extremely nice convenience is the adjustable double-sided kitchen, which the EXP-7 essentially borrows from the recently introduced innovative EXP-6 model. The joke is that it can be served not only from the inside, while the chef can enjoy the view of the surrounding area, but also from the outside.

Photo: Bruder

The Bruder EXP-7 trailer itself weighs 2.4 tons, but the payload is an additional 1,100 kilograms. Thanks to a well-thought-out design, it remains mobile even with two (!) flat tires.

The Bruder EXP-7 allows your employees to prepare both a romantic indoor candlelit dinner and a casual outdoor barbecue. Of course, all appliances are included, such as a stainless steel sink, an induction hob or a microwave oven. The dishwasher is further away, and two refrigerators are used to store supplies – one larger for food, and the other smaller for “drinking mode”.

Power is provided by rooftop solar panels up to 1245W, then stored in a 10kWh lithium-ion battery. A 200 liter potable water tank is sure to help you survive outside of explored areas, and a 75 liter waste water tank is also available. For an additional fee, adventurers can order a pump specially adapted for pumping water from a lake, forest spring or other natural sources if there is no classic tap water nearby.

Probably the biggest strength of the EXP-7 camper trailer is the technology behind it. The design consists of composite, that is, very light, but relatively expensive materials. Then it is mounted on a special air chassis with adjustable lift in the range of up to 30 cm, which the company even patented. It adapts to terrain in real time, so the rear left can handle forest or mountain terrain.

The structure itself is then adapted for use in adverse conditions, so it is strong enough, and in combination with durable off-road tires, you can continue the journey with two punctured tires – so the crew does not have to worry about getting stuck somewhere in the tram, as they say.

Two versions are available – PT and GT. The PT variant boasts a retractable roof panel that can accommodate up to six people. The GT puts a bit more emphasis on comfort as it can only accommodate four people, but it has better insulation, making this version suitable even for extreme conditions.

It is clear that such reliability and quality come at a cost. For their creation, the Australians take 235,000 US dollars, which corresponds to about 3.6 million Czech dollars. But luxury on board, thoughtful layout and very solid construction come at a cost to many modern nomads.

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