(Interview) “I’ll show you a more diverse and cool girl”… Yeom Hye Rang, scene stealer from “Mask Girl”

“The role of Kim Kyung-ja, portraying both sympathy and criticism.

The starting point of acting is “I”… Always be sincere”

“Glory”, “Gyeongsoomun” and other topical works “Center”

“bloom? I just keep going.”

Actress Yeom Hye Rang played the role of Kim Kyung Ja, who seeks revenge, in the Netflix series “The Girl in the Mask.” Courtesy of Netflix

All the dramas that want to be a topic appear. “Aunt Hyungnam” in “Glory”, “Joo Mae Ok” in “Wonderful Rumors 1, 2” and “Kim Kyung Ja” in “Mask Girl”. At this level, he is not a scene stealer, but the protagonist.

On the 29th, I met actress Yeom Hye Ran, the main character of the Netflix series “The Masked Girl,” at a cafe in Seogek-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

“Being such a stressful old man. An old man appeared with a long gun? It was fresh and I thought it would be fun.” Yeom Hye Ran remembered the first time she read the script for “Mask Girl.”

In the play, Kim Kyung-ja learns that her son Joo Onam (Ahn Jae Hong) was killed by Kim Mo Mi (Lee Han Byul, Nana and Go Hyun Jung) and prepares to take revenge on Momi. daughter is 13 years old. This is a character that cannot be explained by ordinary maternal love. Kim Kyung-ja says she believes in God, but when she is about to find out her mother’s address by visiting a shaman, she prays, “Please tell my father with the shaman’s power.” It is like a person who even believes in religion.

Will Yeom Hye Ran be able to understand Kim Kyung Joo? “When you see the dismembered body of your son, you will be forced to take revenge. But if my son is precious, aren’t other people’s children precious?” I wanted. I thought I should put it off so I could get both criticism and sympathy. The strong vitality and love for the son must be revealed, but the perverted motherly love that does not allow the child to become independent and treats him as an accessory is clearly exposed at the moment when it should be criticized.

The feelings from Kim Mi Mo, Kim Mo Mi’s daughter, the words “Happy birthday” and “I want to be filial” that Kim Kyung Ja wanted to hear from her son contain a lot. To complete his 13-year revenge, he doesn’t look directly into the eyes of his beauty until the end. Yeom Hye Ran said, “I thought a lot about the conflicts and difficulties of being a villain rather than the one-sided look that I can have as a villain.” In the scene where Kim Kyung-ja’s son asks her son in a dream, “I was embarrassed,” the script was supposed to deny, “What do you mean by that?” He said, “Even in my sleep, I wanted to confess my guilt to my son.”

Yeom Hye Ran did a great job of translating the Mokpo Jeongnam dialect into the play. He is from Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, but said, “The dialects of Mokpo and Yeosu are completely different.” He said, “It was like this” is a Mokpo dialect, but it is not used in Yeosu. I trained a lot with an actor from Mokpo.”

Kim Kyung-ja from Netflix’s ‘Mask Girl’, played by actress Yeom Hye Rang, checks on her son’s body and prepares to take revenge to kill Kim Momi and her daughter who killed her son. Courtesy of Netflix
Kim Kyung-ja, played by actress Yeom Hye Rang in the Netflix series Masked Girl, is investigating computers and the Internet to find her son. Courtesy of Netflix

He played the role of a terrifying old woman in the play and was born in 1976, if you know that. Most of the roles in the works that he knew well to the public were in Ajumma. “Aunt Hyun Nam,” who plays the lead role in Dong Eun’s revenge on Netflix’s “Glory,” and the role of Chu Mae Ok, who has healing powers, on OCN’s “Miraculous Rumors 1 and 2,” are both “Ajumma.” ‘. It’s just the difference between a slightly younger woman and a slightly older woman. Yeom Hye Ran said, “It looks too typical under the name ajumma, but there are actually a lot of women in their 30s, women in their 40s, and all sorts of people. There are a lot of people with a huge spectrum,” he said.

Yeom Hye Rang was touched that the driving force behind her acting was “the power of writing.” When I first met the character, I asked him what he does and he talked about his time on the theater stage. Yeom Hye Rang, who began acting with the Yeonwoo Stage in 1999, made her screen debut after being spotted by director Bong Joon Ho, who came to see the play at the time. “On the theater stage, I was taught to speak in my own words, not in other people’s words. this is the biggest story that starts with me, should touch my heart. For the first time, I learned to work from voice to character in a play.”

It is said that it was difficult to shoot the scene where she was crying on the floor when she was confronted by the body of her son Joo Oh Nam in the play because this game starts with “My Story”. Yeom Hye Rang said, “Such a scene is painful because it is like an actor’s fate.” Before filming this scene, I even thought, “Why am I doing this?” he recalls.

Yeom Hye Ran, who shows a “crazy presence” in all the latest current work. “I try not to think that I am in my prime. If this is the top, then there is not only good, but also a way down. I feel like I just keep walking down the road. If you look at it as an actor, that should be the point. After watching The Girl in the Mask, my fellow actor sent me a text message saying, “I would like to act for a long time.” I also want to film for a long time.”

Actress Yeom Hye Ran. Courtesy of Netflix

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