Interporc receives the ‘Objective Well-being Award’ for its work in favor of a healthy and sustainable diet

The Interprofessional del Porcino de Capa Blanca (Interporc) has received the ‘Objective Well-being Award’, which was celebrating its VII edition, for its promotion of healthy eating. These awards, which reward the work of companies and organizations in favor of health and well-being, thus recognize Interporc’s work in defense of a healthy, balanced and sustainable diet.

Alberto Herranz thanked the award on behalf of the 415,000 professionals that make up the white-coated pig chain, who are truly responsible for the quality of the products.

When receiving the award, Alberto Herranz, director of the Interprofessional, thanked the recognition “on behalf of all the people who make up the white layer pig chain because they are the ones who provide society with healthy, safe, tasty and the highest quality”.

What’s more, he added, “there are 415,000 people including farmers, veterinarians, transporters, engineers, industry workers, nutritionists, researchers, etc., who work daily with the aim of producing increasingly healthy food.”

In this regard, he recalled that research in the Spanish meat industry has led in recent years to the availability of meat derivatives on the market with different characteristics and composition (reduced in fat, reduced in salt, etc.) to meet the needs of all types of consumers and adapt to their tastes.

And it is precisely the success of this work of the professionals of the Spanish white layer pig chain in favor of a healthy nutrition for consumers with the maximum guarantees of food safety that the organizers of the ‘Objective Awards’ have recognized with this award. Wellness’.

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