Internal medicine and crisis in Galicia

ICU in a Spanish hospital.

The “crisis” caused in Galicia between the Services of Internal Medicine and the Department of Health to cover The squares vacancies and the attendance follow unresolved. The Government of Galicia on more than one occasion he has met with the heads of service to try to reach agreements, but for now the talks They have not come to fruition. Due to this situation, the board of the Galician Society of Internal Medicine (Sogami), has produced a report offering himself as interlocutor before the Department of Health to be able to “lay the foundations that lead to the definitive solution of a situation that should never have been reached.”

The scenario described by Sogami in the document refers to the suggestions from internists for the development of new models of care to chronic patients have been ignored or little supported by the Ministry, causing a “significant delay” compared to other autonomous communities that have been successfully implementing these programs for years.

Sogami attributes the situation that has been reached in Galicia due to “blatant planning errors that we have been denouncing for years, have meant that not enough internists have been trained, not even to make up for retirement leave, much less other types of labor contingencies such as permits, leave of absence, external training or adaptation to new care models” .

The pandemic is another of the factors described in the report, stating that, at present, and over the last few months, a significant number of patients hospitalized for coronavirus and a decreasing number of facultative available for care work.

The 5 demands of Sogami to the Ministry of Health

After this analysis of critical situation who is suffering from Internal Medicine in Galicia, Sogami requests a total of five aspects to take into account in order to resolve this serious health “crisis”, and the first of these is the preparation of a analysis exhaustive of the needs of physicians specializing in Internal Medicine in each of the hospitals of the public network of Galicia, taking into account the workloads and the service portfolio of each of the Internal Medicine Services.

Predefine the assistance models and its remuneration to respond to the demands that must be punctual if the templates are designed correctly is the second aspect highlighted by Sogami.

Another petition addressed to the Conselleria de Sanidade goes through involve the Internal Medicine services in the preparation of a new healthcare model as a backbone associated with the Primary Care and to the other hospital services to optimize the efficiency of the Galician Health System. Sogami also asks the Galician Ministry to consider the offer of the better contractual relationships possible to young internists in the sense of retaining them by making them feel an important part of the health system.

Finally, the last aspect highlighted by the Galician Society of Internal Medicine is the mobilization “all the necessary resources to ensure the coverage of the activities of the Internal Medicine services in the Regional Hospitalswithout this meaning a healthcare overload for the Central Hospitals”.

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