Intel regains market share in processors from AMD

The market share of Intel desktop processors it has increased in the past quarter. Although it is true that in the general market for processors, AMD has improved remarkably.

Intel exceeds 80% market share in desktop processors, after suffering a sharp decline

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Some days ago Mercury Research indicated that AMD was growing a lot in the processor market. According to the market analysis firm, AMD had a 24.6% market shareor. This places the company very close to 25.2% market share, its all-time high in 2006. This growth is mainly driven by processors for laptops.

Although AMD’s growth in the processor market is strong, the share in desktop processors appears to be falling. According to Mercury Research, AMD’s share has fallen to 17% in the third quarter.

Mercury Research indicates that Intel has gone from having a share of 79.8% to having a share of 82.9%. This represents an increase of 3.1%, registering a huge increase in a very short time.

The reason behind AMD’s decline in market share for desktop processors would be shortages. The pandemic and the problems to satisfy the demand by TSMC, would be behind this. AMD would have prioritized processors for laptops, SoCs for Sony and Microsoft consoles, and EPYCs.

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Mercury Research emphasizes that Intel 10th Gen and 11th Gen have sold very well. The fact that they had good prices and the performance was very good has helped them. Possibly now in the fourth quarter, with the Intel Alder Lake-S on the market, AMD may further decline in desktop processor market share.

Indicate that despite the fall in the segment of desktop processors, AMD is in an idyllic moment. It is very close to its all-time high.

What do you think that Intel recovers share in the segment of desktop processors despite the great moment of AMD?

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