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Instagram It has become the social network where you not only tend to interact with those who follow you, but also post photos, videos, also promote products and even buy what you like. But to this are added diversity of pages with interesting content. Many times these profiles tend to do giveaways in order not only to retain their users, but also to interact with them.

If you have a page of Instagram from where do you want to do a draw, either by sharing a post in the stories, then Today we present the simple trick to be able to do one easily and practically. What should I do? Follow all the steps.

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  • The first thing you should do is define if what you want is to grow in followers or for your publication to reach greater diffusion.
  • Remember that it is better to do the giveaway within Instagram so that you can choose the winner of your giveaway.
  • You can get people to leave a comment by tagging a person or commenting on the product.
  • People can also share your post in their Stories. Although these disappear in 24 hours, you will be sent a message from the person who has placed your image in their Stories.
  • Remember to be constant and fix the image of the giveaway at the top of your Instagram.
  • In case you want to promote your publication so that it reaches more people, you can do so by defining how long you want the advertising to be spread.
A popular app for doing giveaways without logging in is Easy Giveaway for Instagram.  (Photo: iOS Store)
A popular app for doing giveaways without logging in is Easy Giveaway for Instagram. (Photo: iOS Store)
  • To be able to make Instagram giveaways you can choose the AppSorteos application by entering this link.
  • Also, to make it more dynamic, you can use the iPhone application called Easy Giveaway for Instagram.
  • When you have the winner, upload the video and post it on your Instagram Stories so people know who the winner is.
  • Always remember to be transparent and detail the time the draw will take place, in addition to the requirements.
  • Another detail that you should point out after the raffle is to publish that the winner has completed all the steps.

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