Innohas, Vegetables “Hamburg Steak Plant-Based”

Innohas, a food technology company, announced on the 24th the launch of the plant-based convenience food “Grilled Hamburg Steak Plant-Based”.

This new product is a premium HMR that can be easily enjoyed at home, with a soft texture and deep flavor, and a BBQ sauce to go with it.

Innohas explained, “We have boldly abandoned the current practice of completely shredding vegetable protein and cutting it into large chunks to retain the original texture and preserve the texture without damaging it during the processing step, resulting in a rich texture like real meat.”

Grilled Plant Based Hamburger Steak is 2 servings, each steak weighs 110g and comes with sauce, so it’s enough for a grown man and just needs to be reheated so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

An Innohas spokesperson said: “The key strategy for differentiating the new product is the robust taste and quality texture that epitomize traditional meat.”

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