Inhumane for the government to recognize a lack of medicine: deputy – El Sol de Orizaba

Orizaba, Ver.- Federal Deputy Maricarmen Escudero Fabre, I affirm that the necessary resources must be given to the health sector for the welfare of Mexican families.

It is regrettable, immoral and inhuman that after 1,010 days, the lack of medicines is recognized and despite this, priority continues to be given only to the construction of pharaonic projects

His position in the reserves on the budget, which he took to the rostrum is very clear, “We must give the necessary resources to the health sector”, stressed. Stressed that it is necessary to have an efficient government to combat vulnerability in households and the risks of falling into a situation of poverty, due to the bad decisions of the current administration, he added.

He indicated that the program for the welfare of children, children of working mothers, has been ignored by the president, who prefers to generate more misery than opportunities for people to get out of the poverty in which they live.

Commented that There are more than 42 million that López Obrador relegated, for the simple fact of not being eligible to vote.

“The health care program is of vital importance, but the government is a systematic violator of constitutional rights and does not guarantee the right to health of those who need it most today. López Obrador is shown to be unable to meet the country’s needs such as health; so much so that, already accepted it, what are you waiting to recognize, Your owner has already given you permission, stop being insensitive to the people of Mexico “, he detailed.

He explained that it is regrettable, immoral and inhumane that after 1,110 days the lack of medicines is recognized and despite that continue to give priority only to the construction of pharaonic projects, whose cost exceeds 700 billion pesos, that could well be invested in the health or welfare sector of the country’s families.

“It is a shame that the government flaunts policies of well-being in international forums, while relegating its citizens to the most absolute abandonment; it is necessary to prioritize the well-being and health of families, Mexicans do not accept that they continue to give us health with weevils ”, concluded the federal deputy.

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