Ingrown toenail: discover the military method of getting rid of it

Ingrown toenail: discover the military method of getting rid of it

Ingrown toenails or toenails can be painful. They penetrate the flesh and cause severe pain. If not cared for properly, they can lead to an infection of the tissues around the nail, called paronychia, or even a more serious infection. There are so many reasons not to take this concern lightly. Before considering the military method, let’s look at working classical methods.

Preventive procedures

In medicine, an ingrown toenail is called nychocryptosis. Most often this concerns big toe nail. First of all, to avoid ingrown nails, avoid wearing too tight shoes. Also, do not cut your nails along the rounded edges. It is better to let two of its edges protrude from the finger.

If your nail is very damagedyou can paste artificial nail. In this way, it will keep pressure on the skin, avoiding the formation of a ball at the end or sides. This will give you the effect of beautiful nails.

Otherwise, the new medical method allows you to straighten the nail with small wires.


If your nail is infected or you cannot treat it, you may need to seek help. operation. The doctor cuts off a strip of the nail along the painful edge, including the root of the nail, so that it does not grow back in its former shape. This operation is carried out with a scalpel or laser.

Antiseptic treatments

You can also reduce infection and pain by doing antiseptic baths two to three times a day. Also use topical antibiotics to avoid serious infections.

military method

Soldiers wear large, very tight shoes, hence the fact that they often have ingrown toenails. So they have a little technique.

Wash your hands. Soak a sterile compress 70° or 90° with alcohol or Hexomedin. Wrap your finger and leave it on for as long as possible, such as overnight. Renew the bandage when it dries. This method is only effective if the nail is not too infected.

Also remember to consult a pedicurist who can help you.

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