Indy Barends spoke about the fact that the mother of Aldila Celita does not want her children to reconcile


Aldila Celita’s mother, Marjam Abdurahman, opposed her son’s reconciliation with Indra Bekti.

In response to this, Indy Barends, as Indra’s best friend Bekti, said that what Aldila Celita’s mother said was normal.

“Every mother has the right to express her feelings, what she wants, but again it will be left to her own child,” Indy Barends said at a meeting at Trans TV Studios, Tendin, South Jakarta on Monday (August 28, 2023 G.). .

Moreover, Indy Barends would have done the same if the same had happened to his children.

“I am also a parent, so don’t fight later my children, okay, if anything, you are responsible as a mother,” said Indy Barends.

As for the father-in-law’s statement that cornered Indra Bekti, Indy Barends didn’t want to get involved in the controversy his best friend was facing.

“Outsiders cannot be like: “Dila cannot be like that, her mother should be like that, Bekti should be like that”, this is their kitchen business, family business, I’m just an outsider who is in the friendship section of Bekti and Dila. If I can’t intervene,” Indy Barends said.

“A mother has the right to say whatever she likes, and that goes for her daughter too,” he concluded.

In an interview with InsertLive, Marjam Abdurrahman said that he could not forgive Indra Bekti. That’s why he doesn’t want his son to make peace with the famous MC.

Marjam still remembers the mistake, which she calls a shame. One such mistake occurred in 2016.

“What mistake did Dila make that Dila’s younger siblings didn’t accept Bekti? At first I wanted to open it, but because I was still looking at Daphne and Abel. What happened in 2016, there was a big problem. Dila’s family was never happy because I lived with them for 13 years. Because Bekti had made a mistake, Bekti was ready for ridicule, for curses. So, people knew that my daughter Dila was rude, precisely because this person wanted to be made fun of,” said Aldila Celita, a mother full of emotions.


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