Indonesia is considering abandoning the AFF Cup because of the referee

The managing director of the national team, Kombes Surmadji, said that Indonesia could be eliminated from the Southeast Asian tournaments if refereeing does not improve.

Mr. Surmadji said the above after Indonesia lost to Vietnam in the 2023 Southeast Asian Under-23 Championship final. Japanese referee Hiroki Kasahara was criticized for some decisions that were considered unfavorable for Indonesia.

He first gave Vietnam a penalty in the first half, but the slow motion video shows that Alfeandra Devangga is unlikely to touch Nguyen Quoc Viet’s foot. In the next 11 meters, Quoc Viet missed. In extra time, Nguyen Hong Phuc beat Haikal Alhafiz, but got off with a red card.

Referee Hiroki Kasahara (blue shirt) gave a yellow yellow card to Alfeandra Devangge in the U23 Southeast Asian Championships 2023 Final. Photo: Lam Toa

Referee Hiroki Kasahara (blue shirt) handed a yellow card to Alfeandra Devangga in the 2023 AFF U23 Final. Photo: Lam Tho

“The referee has a one-sided view of this game, especially in foul situations,” Surmaci told the newspaper. Bola Sports. “We will consider whether to attend AFF tournaments in the future or not.”

The tournament system of the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF) includes U16, U19, U23 and the national team – the AFF Cup. Surmaci stressed that if refereeing improves, the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI) will continue to send its teams to the competition.

Defeat in the final of the U23 Southeast Asian Championship stripped coach Shin Tae-yong of his title in Indonesian football. However, Surmaji still holds the Korean coach in high regard, saying he maximized his lead in this tournament. “I am not defending Sheen,” Surmaji said. “Obviously, despite missing many pillars, he still helps the home team succeed.”

Mr. Kombes Surmaci (center) did not allow the teams of Indonesia U23 and Thailand U23 to fight in the final of the 32nd SEA Games.  Photo: Hieu Luong

Mr. Kombes Surmaji (center) advised Indonesian under-23s and Thai under-23s not to fight in the final of the 32nd SEA Games. Hieu Luong

Kombes Paul Surmaji was born in 1972 and is a senior Indonesian police officer. In 2016, he joined football, was appointed as the head of the Bhayankara team. In 2019, he became the head of the Indonesian U22 team and opened the Southeast Asian U22 Championship and then the gold medal at the 32nd SEA Games in Cambodia.

Surmaji is famous for being the victim of a hand-to-hand fight between Indonesian and Thai players in the final of the 32nd SEA Games. While trying to pull the Indonesian helper out, he was grabbed by a Thai competitor and fell half a yard away. The leader of the group lay on his head so that he would not be trampled on. When fighting resumed, Mr. Surmaji was unable to walk on his own, had to ask someone to help him return to his seat, and injured his lip.

Vietnam 0-0 (pens 6-5) Indonesia

Vietnam vs Indonesia.

In the middle of autumn

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