Index – Sport – Humility and submission to individual interests were the key to the excellent Hungarian result.

Captain before the World Cup last week in our podcast As for expectations, he said that in principle he would be satisfied with ten medals, but the main goal was to maximize the quota, and if 18 did not converge, then 15 had already converged, and the two most important units were two fours, which could only be obtained here, it can be removed.

There is actually a sense of absence in terms of women’s K-2 doubles (Sarah Foyt, Noemie Pupp – ed.). This could have been achieved, technical errors were made here both in the preliminary competitions and in the semi-finals, which means that it was not possible to compete on merit. I don’t even know how this could happen, it needs to be analyzed

– began its assessment of the Index Chaba Hüttner.

“Of course, it would be nice if one of the many Olympic medals was gold and not silver, since there were three (Adam Varga K-1 in the 1000 meters, Bence Nadas and Balint Kopas in the K-2 group in 500, and also Bence Nadas, Kolos Chismadia, Istvan Kuli, Sandor Totka from the K-4 team also in 500), but we came for quotas, and for the first time in the history of distribution of quotas in the men’s division, we had all nine (six kayaks, three canoes). The women’s singles quota can be obtained next year at the European additional qualification, and we will not let the women’s kayak deuce be lost. From the point of view of the Olympics, one could start with this quota in all figures, but, of course, the situation in women’s kayaks needs to be analyzed and lessons learned. why the results that were included in the units did not come out” – summarized World Cup Review captain.

We also asked Chaba Hüttner to evaluate some of the divisions separately. Swimming in more positive waters men, kayak-four pure silverand also the one who also won silver after only three weeks of training together Installation K-2 raised, the common point of which is the dictation of the tempo Bence Nadas was one of the central figures of the Hungarian national team at the tournament in Germany.

It was the most difficult to get a quota of four, just look at the fact that the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games did not succeed, like many last year’s finalists. I want to emphasize the amazing modesty of the guys and the fact that they subordinated all individual interests to the achievement of six quotas. It was many years of hard work, with a well-deserved medal in a very dynamic field, where, due to a small mistake, one could not even get into the final, not to mention the quota.

We can also pay tribute to the recognition Adolf Balazs before which we hoped to secure the opportunity to start in Paris before the competition, but here the situation was the most difficult, since only five individual quotas were allocated for men’s canoes. Also, he managed to top it off by taking the gold medal in the 5000 meters on the last day.

“We definitely have to raise our hats to Balazs. It was one of the most difficult numbers, as only five could enter the competition with five rings, but in this matter, this is no longer a goal, but a podium at the Olympics. What would he be able to do if he was on more tracks or if the wind was more favorable. This, of course, is an explanation, because you need to adapt to the circumstances, but given the conditions, some rivals were in a much easier position.

We also hoped for a quota from a male canoe-two, with known signs (David Korisansky for example, he was a full-time painter, and was injured and even had to be operated on before the World Cup) together, the performance he With Adam Fekete I was put on the water and even the podium was not far away. One of the merry masters of the Hungarian team Korisch said with a laugh after the final that next year he will have to be counted on as a full-time athlete, so the world can be afraid.

“This number also clearly shows that in one second all participants could be on the podium in the same way that they could be eliminated in an average race. This is an excellent result, given the well-known circumstances: Jonathan Hajdu, who was originally in the line-up, left the line-up due to illness, and then David’s injury followed. This performance is a good sign for Paris.”

What may be especially encouraging is that Bragato Giada, Bianca Nagy the women’s sculls C-2 made up their quotas in such a way that, according to the parties, they could not play a good distance for the whole year, because somehow their races did not converge in any way.

“I believe that it is necessary to put things in order in the minds of girls, as in the case of kayakers, In order to bring the competition together, they did not reveal what was in them. I think fourth place would be the reality now, but next year we can move forward.”

Women kayakers in this regard, the overall picture may be less good, since Dora Alida Gasso, Tamara Chipesh, Esther Rendessi, Dora Hadwina the quartet fulfilled the norm (which, in fact, was the essence), but the harmony was not perfect, which was the finalist finished in seventh place and it was still a better situation than in the pair already mentioned above, where During the races of Sarah Foyt and Noemi Puppa, everything that could go wrong went wrong, compared Individual bronze medal of Tamara Chipesh. may be positive.

“Tamara did not perform as well as she could in the final, given her form, with her help she could have won. We need to find command ships where individual performances come together and then we’ll be fine.”

What can be added to this? Perhaps this is enough to make it so!

place a country ratio silver bronze all medals
1. Germany 3 5 6 14
2. Spain 3 5 5 13
3. Canada 3 2 2 7
4. China 3 1 3 7
5. New Zealand 3 3
6. Hungary 2 5 3 10
7. Portugal 2 1 1 4
8. Denmark 2 1 3
9. Poland 1 5 3 9
10. Australia 1 3 4

(Cover photo: Silver medalists Bence Nadas, Kolos Csizmadia, Istvan Kuli and Sandor Totka Jr. at the announcement of the results of the men’s 500m quads at the Olympic Qualifying Canoeing World Championships in Duisburg on August 25, 2023. Photo : Tamas Kovacs/MTI)