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Matthew Broderick “pleases” us, perhaps in the most evil way in his life. painkiller in the new Netflix series, released on August 10, and these six episodes can be recommended instead of morning coffee, they are so addictive and increase blood pressure. Roughly speaking, without delving into history: Killer panacea is dedicated to the explosion of the American opioid crisis, which has claimed the lives of more than a million people since the 1990s.

The series, based on real life but also operating with fictional elements, explores from the perspective of several people how OxyContin became a popular painkiller that brought many people severe addiction and eventually death, while the unscrupulous Richard Sackler (Matthew Broderick ) became a billionaire businessman.

Killer panacea right in the first part, he starts with a strong monologue in which Broderick’s character lays out a train of thought about how

human life consists only of seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. Therefore, they can fill a huge gap in the market by reversing pain with a new drug.

Sounds great? Not a bit, and we can see it through the prism of people who were literally crushed by the OxyContin that Sackler unleashed on the world. On the one hand, determined Detective Edie Flowers (Uzo Aduba), who has been fighting windmills for a long time to bring to justice the head of Purdue Pharma, who managed to make the drug harmless using many tricks: he killed beautiful, young women in marketing and dealers became doctors in this sassy and unscrupulous business.

In addition to him, several dizzying advertisers play a central role, including University student Shannon (West Duchovny), who isn’t even afraid to use her charms to sell, and our perpetual favorite Taylor Kitsch plays a major role. V Friday night lightsot, who this time takes on the role of a car mechanic who gets into an accident and has to fight his addiction to Oxy. Yes, what his own doctor prescribed.

One could argue that this entire American drug epidemic is on Disney+. intoxicating handle it better or Killer panacea. Michael Keaton didn’t accidentally win his first Emmy and Golden Globe for his performance, but the Netflix version is also quite correct. Although they play different characters, Matthew Broderick could have played it and received similar praise, but the actor’s work is heavily undermined by the script.

In our opinion, it is the greatest sin that Richard Sackler is made into a minor character, a beetle and an infinitely evil genius lurking in the background, whose distorted personality could be used to excess.

New Netflix series are often confusing, although the creators show interesting storylines with good acting, they get confused and cannot unravel. With us, unfortunately, there is a feeling that we are reading a Wikipedia article, and we are not saying this out of praise. It was only thanks to Broderick’s talent that Sackler opened the knife in our pocket so hard, and Taylor Kitsch, who is still in his elemental power, screamed in pain in a way that really reminded us of our favorite American football series.

One thing’s for sure Killer panaceaRecommended only for viewers with strong nerves, since serious operations are shown up close, and even a lobotomy in the pilot episode. The new Netflix series has no shortage of bold, nauseous and naturalistic solutions that domestic fans of the series have found so well.

Even though his presentation could have been more refined and refined, Killer panacea it is recommended to look from the point of view that it shows us relatively clearly what a hellish situation the rise of OxyContin in the USA created, how the biggest bastards got rich on it and how the lives of many little people were ruined.

And the effect is exacerbated by the fact that at the beginning of each part, people greet you on the screen, indicating that we are watching an incident that tragically lost one of his family members due to painkillers. People who really just wished it didn’t hurt so much.


Painkiller can be viewed dubbed and subtitled in Hungarian on Netflix.