Index – Foreign countries – Russia’s war in Ukraine – Index news review on Tuesday

So far, Russia has documented the loss of 11,862 armored fighting vehicles during the war. Of these, 8081 were destroyed, 472 were damaged, 442 left their crews on the battlefield, 2867 were captured by the Ukrainians.

The figures were released by Oryx, the open source Dutch intelligence and military analysis agency, and only include vehicles visually confirmed destroyed or damaged. On the site you can see a photo or video of each device included in the calculation.

Among the lost combat vehicles are 2268 tanks. Of the tanks, 1464 were destroyed, 129 damaged, 129 abandoned on the battlefield, 548 captured by the Ukrainians.

Since the site only lists reliably confirmed cases, the amount of equipment destroyed is likely to be significantly higher than indicated.

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