Index – FOMO – The owner of Csíki Sör stole Rebeka Karpathy’s heart

According to Blikk, the couple is seen with increasing frequency, mostly in Transylvania.

Rebeka Karpathy said in an interview:

We spend a lot of time in Transylvania, it’s such a beautiful place. I love it so much!

The former beauty queen was last seen at the Forbidden Festival in Chiksentsimon with her new love, where they apparently had a good time and shows how much they love each other. This was confirmed by a close friend of the couple, who believed that the relationship between them is very harmonious.

According to Rebeca, they enjoy being in Transylvania, mostly in nature, but they also have a base in Budapest where they spend most of their time. However, the duty calls András Lenar to Transylvania at least once a month, since most of his business interests are located there, and all his family and children live there.

The former beauty queen said that she has a lot of respect for her partner, who helps her a lot and supports her with his experience in starting her own business.

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