Index – Economics – Worth noting, soon everyone will receive a letter from their bank

The government seeks to protect families and therefore wants to encourage and help households to invest their savings in valuable assets, because due to sanctioned inflation, the value of about HUF 7,000 billion demand bank deposits held by the population increases significantly. loses its meaning – the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade begins its next statement.

Therefore, according to the government’s decision, from October 1, banks must inform customers about how much income they could receive if they invested their savings in reliable and stable government securities.

To ensure that the same and understandable information is available to everyone, regardless of the financial service provider, the government has mandated uniform information. According to the ministry, banking information contributes to improving the financial literacy of families and protecting household assets.

The information is part of a package of measures by which the government intends to increase the demand for government securities, which, on the one hand, provide high interest rates for small investors, and also maintain the interest income thus achieved in Hungary.

“The measures are working, the population bought almost 600 billion forints of government bonds in a month. The government calls on everyone to invest their savings in value-resistant savings,” the Ministry of Economic Development concluded in a statement.